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OneRepublic is all set for its ‘Native Summer Tour’ with The Script. The two phenomenal rock bands are going to rock the country with their incredible music beats and spectacular performances live, in front of the audiences. Two of these bands have made as name in the rock music industry, and have a huge fan following. No wonder why the One Republic & The Script tickets are selling out so fast.

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About OneRepublic The Script


The first half of the double deal concert is attributed to the infamous pop-rock band OneRepublic. The talented group emerged on the music scene in 2003, and gained popularity at first as an unsigned act. The band toured and worked with other gigs for almost five years before they finally got their well deserved breakthrough. In 2007, their track Apologize changed the course for the band when it became one of the most downloaded songs in America. The song proved to be an immediate success for the band and established its name in the rock and pop music world.


Currently, the Grammy Award winning band consists of five talented musicians, named Ryan Tedder, who is also the founding member of the band, along with Zach Filkins, Brent Kutzie, Drew Brown and Eddie Fisher. The members are proficient on various musical instruments as well as on vocals. There latest album, titled “Native” was released in March last year and debuted at number four on the Billboard 200 chart. Not only this, but this album also made it to the top ten albums, making first week sales of 60,000 in the US alone. The ensemble is also expected to feature songs from this album in their upcoming concerts.


The other half of the upcoming thrilling music event is another equally sought after rock band, The Script. The Irish Celtic-Trio was formed in 2001, and consists of Danny O’Donoghue, Glen Power and Mark Sheehan. The unique blend of contemporary R&B and anthem like rock tunes that are produced by the band distinguish them from all the other contemporary rock/pop groups. The debut single by this trio, We Cry received much critical acclaim and commercial success, and marked the beginning of the immensely successful music journey for the band.


So far, The Script has released three studio albums. They have been honored with several prestigious accolades, proving their exceptional music talents. The spring of 2013 brought another enigmatic move by the ensemble. After the completion of their successful U.K. arena tour, the group inventively brought to life the Jamie Scallion’s fictional band named The Rockateers. It is actually a band mentioned in the Officer Kicks frontman’s series of novels. The Script has recorded and streamed the interpretations of the songs that are mentioned in those writings, known as ‘Rock and Roll Diaries’. No one can exactly predict what this incredible trio will do next. This aura of mystery about them not only helps them keep their fan following intact, but every time they bring out something, it turns out to be a delight for their anticipating fans.


Both the bands, OneRepublic and The Script have their own strengths and attractions for their legions of fans. Coming together for a live performance, these two present day popular acts are certain to thrill the audiences. The upcoming concerts are scheduled to be held at the Blue Hills Bank Pavilion in Boston. Having hosted some of the most unforgettable concerts in the history of the city, this facility has earned the title of being Boston’s premier summer concert amphitheatre. Get your One Republic and The Script tickets and become part of this memorable music extravaganza.


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