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Los Angeles-based punk rock band NOFX was formed by guitarist Eric Melvin and bassist/vocalist Fat Mike in 1983. The group’s percussionist Erik Sandin joined them soon after while El Hefe joined them in 1991 to play the trumpet and lead guitar. The group attained mainstream popularity upon the release of their fifth studio offering titled Punk in Drublic that was went certified gold in the Canada as well as the United States, and is till today considered to be a punk rock music classic by critics and fans alike.

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The group’s seventh studio offering that was released in 1997, too went gold in Canada. The band gained mainstream success coincided with growing popularity of punk rock style in the nineties. However, unlike most of their contemporaries, NOFX never signed with a major recording label. To date, the band has issued twelve studio offerings along with several singles and fifteen extended plays. Their most recent album released in late 2012 called Self-Entitled, is known to have sold more than six million copies worldwide, marking them as the most successful among independent music groups of all time. It is thus no surprise to see why NOFX tickets are the most popular topic of town talk among punk rock fans.
Guitarist Melvin came across vocalist Burkett in 1983, and began a band called NO-FX, which they named after hardcore punk group in Boston, Negative FX. At the time they took in drummer Sandin and started working on their first demo recording of 1984 called Thalidomide Child that featured percussionist Don Bolles. The demo failed to sell enough copies back then but is now among the valuable collector’s items. Many of its songs have are available online, though hardly any of them are valid.
NOFX debuted with a self-titled extended play in 1985 on Mystic Records, which was issued again as a part of Maximum Rocknroll CD in 1992. During this time, the group saw many changes in its lineup but luckily the three original members stayed together. Sandin was temporarily replaced by Scott Sellers and Scott Aldahl, while Dave Allen was only played with the band for four months. By 1989, the group was in its way to releasing another extended play, following which they issued another self-titled album on Mystic Records that contained fourteen songs from their early material.
In 1988, NOFX released the album Liberal Animation, featuring Bad Religion’s Brett Gurewitz, and was issued again in 1991 on Epitaph Records. The band released its second studio album titled S&M Airlines in 1989, and released its third in 1991 called Ribbed following which Steve Kidwiller left the group and was replaced by El Hefe. The band released some more studio albums and extended plays but made its next mark with the studio offering Punk in Drublic, which brought them their first commercial breakthrough, being their biggest success to date. The album attained the ranks of certified gold while being promoted by KROQ radio station in Los Angeles that played their track Leave it Alone all too often. Owing to the album’s success, the band got many new offers to sign with well established recording labels, all of which were declined. The album has now become a milestone of sorts in punk rock history and is a sought after classic among fans.
NOFX incorporates elements of several different genres such as ska punk, melodic hardcore, skate punk and punk rock, the combination of which has contributed to developing the band’s trademark style. Their most recent material has been centered on many different themes including homophobia, sexism, racism, society, politics, religion and more. The group is also known for releasing unusual lengths of songs such as Murder the Government, which is less than a minute and The Decline that is more than eighteen minutes long. Don’t miss your opportunity to watch the classic punk rock band in its live act, just grab some cheap NOFX tickets before they are all hogged.

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