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Alternative rock is a form of rock music that emerged in the US and the UK during the 1980s. It was introduced by underground music bands that played in local clubs and recorded for independent labels. These musicians defied the conventional rules and chose to experiment with new styles and sounds. They first gained popularity among college crowds and gradually garnered a devoted fan base.

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With the widespread popularity of bands such as The Smiths, Red Hot Chili Pepers, R.E.M and Nirvana, major record labels saw great commercial prospects for alternative music. The mainstream audience gave a tremendously welcoming response, announcing loud and clear that alternative rock was here to stay.

With the contributions of new artists over the years, the genre has progressed and evolved by leaps and bounds. It has widened the choices for the audience that loves to listen to indie musicians’ recordings as well as live shows.  

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q:I want to exchange My Chemical Romance Boston tickets with tickets of some other date. What is the procedure?

A:My Chemical Romance Tickets once bought cannot be exchanged with tickets of any other date or event as it is not our company's policy.

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A:My Chemical Romance Tickets once bought cannot be returned and no refund is allowed.

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A:You can get your required details from the page of My Chemical Romance Tickets.

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A:You can buy as many My Chemical Romance Tickets from our website as you want.

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A:At the moment we are not offering any such deal on My Chemical Romance Tickets.

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