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With the lineup comprising of Danny Seim and Justin Harris, Menomena hails from Portland, Oregon and enjoys significant fan following when it comes to experimental and indie rock music. Prior to the formation of Menomena, Seim originally performed in his solo project called Lackthereof. Menomena originally kicked off as Seim’s side project back in 2000. Harris and Seim in collaboration with Brent Knopf formed up the band and started performing together. The group performed for the first time live in Portland in 2001. Later on, the group became a part of a booking agency by the name of High Road Touring and toured all across the nation. The group’s first ever national tour was in 2004 and the Menomena tickets were sold for the very first time in different cities across United States. Apart from that, Menomena also performed and toured alongside bands like The Long Winters, Gang of Four and The National.  

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About Menomena

After a string of independent releases and live performances, the group finally scored their first record deal in 2006 with the Barsuk Records. The following year, the group also signed up with City Slang, a German record label, for their European releases. On May 20, 2003, the group released its debut album I Am the Fun Blame Monster. The album was released on a regional independent record label FILMguerrero and it was recorded by the band members themselves. November of 2005 saw the release of Under an Hour, the groups follow up album, which contained instrumental tracks. The music on the album was performed with and written for a Portland base dance company called the Monster Squad. The album features only three instrumental tracks, but all of them were more than seventeen minutes long.
After signing a record deal with Barsuk Records, the group started working on their follow up album, Friend and Foe. The album was released on January 23, 2007 on Barsuk Records, and just like their previous release, the album was produced mixed and recorded entirely by the band itself. Soon after the release, the album went on to enjoy critical acclaim by most of the reviewing websites. The release of the album was celebrated on January 28, 2007 at the Crystal Ballroom. For the occasion, a choir comprised of twenty five members was assembled by Harris himself, which performed various parts right out of the album.
In the year 2009, Menomena spent most of their time in the studio recording their forth coming studio album called Mines. The album hit the shelves of the music stores on July 27, 2010, both in Europe and North America. Just like their previous albums, the band once again produced, mixed and recorded the album themselves. The album went on to enjoy positive reviews by most of the reviewing websites. Allmusic gave the album four out of five stars, NME gave nine out of ten stars while Pitchfork Media gave the album 8.2 out of 10. Later on January 7, 2011 band member Brent Knopf parted ways from Menomena to focus more on his solo project called the Ramona Falls. For the upcoming touring dates, Paul Alcott will be performing alongside Menomena in place of Knopf. Following his departure the group also announced their forth coming album, Moms.

Menomena is quite famous for their musically rich live performances. The group avoids using back tracks for the live performances of their densely instrumental songs, instead, they try to replicate the sound with their live instruments. That shows the group’s dedication to their fans, and their urge to provide their fans with nothing but pure live music. So if you wish to experience the purest form of live music and instrumentation then cheap Menomena tickets will provide you with exactly that.

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