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Madsen is a Germany-based indie rock band that comprises of Niko Maurer along with three brothers by the surname of Madsen, which is where the group takes its name. Their music is known to mix pop, punk, indie, and rock characteristics with German lyrics, which as perceived by most fans, are well-developed and insightful since they reflect upon a range of subjects and themes such as the sky, heaven, hell, the world, me, you and everything else. Their passionate vocals and high tempo tunes are the main factors behind their success in Germany.

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About Madsen

While some people feel that the band’s sound reminds them of an older German band, Tocotronic, while many music critics look at the group as an all new ray of hope for German music market. In 2005, the band released their debut album that climbed up to number twenty-three on German music charts. The group has garnered significant success with their next few acts including Goodbye Logik, Frieden im Krieg and Labyrinth. Madsen tickets are considered to be quite a treat among German indie rock fans.
The group comprises of Sebastian Madsen on guitar and vocals; Johannes Madsen on guitar; Sascha Madsen on percussion, Folkert Jahnke on keyboard and Niko Maurer on bass guitar. Madsen brothers got involved in music at a very early age, and by the end of the nineties they had already gained some experience by playing in two different bands, namely Hoerstuatz and Alice’s Gun. The two groups brought the brothers ample exposure since one group performed hard rock and the other played hip hop styles while experimenting with characteristics of crossover. In 2004, the group was on their own and planned to develop their lyrics and sound further, alongside which they decided to call themselves Madsen. The boys then made their demos and sent them to Universal Music that soon signed a record deal with the group in late 2004.  
In the following months Madsen performed several regional and local shows, and went on to become local stars in the Wendlands region. They played for mostly small sized audiences through the year, after which they finally gained the opportunity to perform for a larger crowd though the publicity attained by their label. Since then the group has played in many open-air festivals while also appearing on MTV as well as other radio stations. By mid 2005, the group released its first couple of singles which were followed by the issuing of their debut album. The latter reached the twenty-third spot on German charts alongside attaining the thirty-ninth place on Australian charts. The same year they played in several German music festivals such as Rock im Park, Hurricane, Rock am Ring and Highfield. The following year, they played at the high profile music festival called Nova Rock, which had previously featured the likes of System of a Down, Audioslave, Guns N’ Roses, Green Day and Metallica. During intervals between shows, the group spent its time in the recording studio and by August 2006, released their second album titled Goodbye Logik that peaked at number eight on German charts while peaking at number eighteen on Austrian charts.
By March 2008, Madsen released their third album called Frieden im Krieg meaning ‘peace in war’. In 2009, they made another appearance at Nova Rock where they performed with Faith No More, Nine Inch Nails and Metallica. The group then went on to perform their first show in the United States in 2011, as part of the Do Deutsch project by Goethe Institute, making their appearance in Boston, Massachusetts. Their tour involved concerts in Arizona, Texas, Athens, Pittsburgh, Long Beach in California and San Francisco. The band’s most commercially successful singles include Liebeslied, Verschwende Dich NIcht, Nachtbaden, Ein Sturm, Der Moment, Goodbye Logik, Du Schreibst Geschichte, Vielleicht, Immer Mehr, and Die Perfektion. Get hold of some cheap Madsen tickets and be there to experience the charm of live German music.

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