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M83 are coming your way. This is a group that has not only played its part over the last decade or so in taking electronic music into a new direction but has given Shoegazing a new style too. They have been a constant presence at the right of the charts in multiple countries around the world and that trend looks likely to continue in the foreseeable future. They have hit the road once again so grab your cheap M83 tickets and catch them perform live.

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About M83

M83 hails from Antibes, France. It was formed just over a decade ago in 2001 by the duo Nicolas Fromageau and Anthony Gonzalez. The name of the group is taken from the spiral galaxy Messier 83. They made their debut in the later half of the same year with a self-titled album. Two years later they went and released their second album titled Dead Cities, Red Seas & Lost Ghosts in Europe and followed that up with its release in North America in 2004. The album received a lot of rave reviews from critics and gave the band their first taste of success. M83 went on a global tour to promote the album shortly afterwards. Fromageau quit the group shortly afterwards to pursue a solo career but that didn’t deter Gonzalez. With new members on the roster to complete the line-up the band went to work on their next album titled Before the Dawn Heals Us. It hit the music stores in the first month of 2005.
That year M83 also came out with remixed versions of tracks by other notable artists like Bloc Party, Placebo, Goldfrapp, Van She and Depeche Mode. Their style of music and the headlines they were generating brought the group to the notice of Mute Records who immediately signed them up. That was the big break they were looking for. The label repacked and re-launched the band’s debut album with a lot of fan fare in 2005. That added marketing and promotion did wonders and five years after its first release M83 went on to become a big hit. The music had substance right from the beginning but due to the lack of proper backing it couldn’t reach the masses in 2001. 2006 saw the group embark on the sensational Before the Dawn Heals Us road trip across various parts of the US. Once the tour ended, Gonzalez began to broaden the repertoire of the group. Together with the rest of the crew he recorded an ambient album titled Digital Shades Vol 1 that came out in 2007.
Their next album Saturdays=Youth was released in 2008. It was a throwback to the music of the 1980’s that played a lot of emphasis on how the tracks were structured and created. The effort was appreciated by fans and critics alike and earned M83 positive reviews from everywhere. This was the time when their popularity was at its highest peak since they debuted. The next year or so was spent on various tours with the likes of Kings of Leon and Depeche Mode. During that time they also went on to perform numerous concerts and at festival around the globe where M83 tickets were bought by fans in droves. In 2011 the band released their debut double album Hurry Up, We’re Dreaming. The dark yet electric music propelled it to positions at the upper end of charts in multiple countries. The song Midnight City was deemed to be a huge hit and was placed on the top spot of the Top 100 Tracks. The album itself made it to the top three in the list of the fifty best albums of the year by Pitchfork.
M83 has been a revelation, a breath of fresh air since they first stepped up. They have kept on evolving their music and have gone on to explore various dimensions. That constant evolution has not only kept them at the head of the queue but has also played a big part in keeping them from getting stagnant. This remarkable group is on tour right now and you can catch them doing what they do best by simply getting your hands on M83 tickets.

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