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Loudon Wainwright III is s singer and songwriter from Chapel Hill, North Carolina. He is a known mostly for singing in the folk genre, dabbling in rock and the blues from time to time. He has won a Grammy Award for his work and countless other honors in celebration of a long and enduring career. He has released a total of 22 albums in his time and is one of the top folk singers of this era. He is also the father to the famous singers Rufus Wainwright, Lucy Wainwright Roche and Martha Wainwright. Even at 66 years of age, he has not stopped performing and doing what he does best. His fans can still buy Loudon Wainwright III tickets and get to see him sing live.

About Loudon Wainwright Iii

Wainwright came from a talented family. His mother, Martha Taylor, was a well known yoga instructor while his father Loudon Wainwright, Jr. was the editor of Life Magazine. His father would, in his past time, sing and write songs as well, introducing his children to the music of Stan Freberg and Tom Lehrer. These two musicians became some of his earliest role models. He would also play the piano around the house. His sister, Sloan Wainwright was also greatly influenced and went onto become a famous singer of her own. In the same way, Wainwright III also brought his children up around music so that each one of them grew up to have careers of their own.
Loudon Wainwright began his work as a singer and songwriter sometime in the 1960s. He would play the guitar during his high school years. However, in a funny story from his childhood, it was revealed how he sold that guitar so he could pay for yoga lessons. It was when he moved to Rhode Island that he got work in a boatyard through his grandmother. There, he met a fisherman, Edgar who found him a friend’s guitar and asked him to write some tunes. This led to his ever composition, “Edgar”. Soon, he had bought his own guitar and went on a songwriting spree, producing as many as 20 songs in a year. When he had enough material, he started playing in different clubs around his area. His family’s travels also took him to New York and Boston where he was able to further network his talent. It was in one of these folk clubs that he met Milton Kramer, who discovered him in the old fashioned Hollywood way. He became his manager and within the same year, got him his first major recording contract with “Atlantic Records”.  By 1970, he had released his first ever album.
Wainwright III’s songwriting style is witty with a clever humor, and self deprecating undertones that make him charming and entertaining. He has been signed to 11 different recording companies in his time. Three of his records have received Grammy Award nominations, “More Love Songs”, “I’m Alright” and “High Wide and Handsome: The Charlie Poole Project”. Out of these, the last won the award in the category of “Best Traditional Folk Album”.
Perhaps the most popular song of his career is “Dead Skunk (In the Middle of the Road)” from 1972. He is also an actor, and his appearance on “M*A*S*H”, a television show for children as “Captain Calvin Spalding” is also one of the highlights of his time in showbiz. He has been featured in a number of other movies as well, including “The Aviator”, “Elizabeth Town”, “Big Fish”, “Elizabethtown” and others. He has also been part of television shows, including “Parks and Recreation” and “Undeclared”. He also gained fame in the UK when he was in broadcasts by BBC TV and later on for a show called “Carrott Confidential”, in which he played a singer and comedian by the name of Jasper Carrott. He remains an idol to his fans in the UK to this date.
Wainwright III has cited Bob Dylan as one of his biggest inspirations. He claims how he went to see him perform in 1963 at the “Newport Folk Festival” and had an epiphany of himself to start a similar career. By the 1970s when he was beginning to establish himself as a popular culture figure, he was often coined by many critics to be the “New Dylan”. He recently released a new album called “Older Than My Old Man Now” and has been performing around the country to promote it. Get Loudon Wainwright III tickets to watch his shows as well.