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They say that the bigger the lie, the more the people are prone to believe in it. The common masses have bought into the delusion that it's a level playing field when it comes to benefitting from natural resources and the intrinsic value of human labor, whereas quite the opposite is true. The underlying reality is that a network of international fraternities, round table groups, esoteric societies and occult orders maintains the status quo of global governance. However, the three-piece musical act known simply as the Liars are far from spouting endless streams of lies to achieve their secretive agenda. Book some Liars tickets now to suspend your cognition and let your instincts navigate your senses through a minefield of experimental rock and post-punk vibes and synthesized tunes that speak volumes.

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About Liars

Where the turn of the millennium marked the commencement of the so-called new age, it also saw the creation of one of the most innovative and experimental acts in the genres of punk rock and dance-punk. Aaron Hemphill and Angus Andrew had been mates as arts students in LA previously and reunited in 2000 whilst responding to an ad for musicians posted by the duo of Ron Albertson and Pat Noecker. Andrew came on board as the lead vocalist and frontman whilst Hemphill took to gunning the lead guitar as well as configuring the drum machine. Noecker took to the bass like the namesake fish to water and Albertson started pounding the drums day in and day out.
The Liars released their quirkily titled debut album They Threw Us All in a Trench and Stuck a Monument on Top in 2001. The record was remarkably recorded in a matter of just two days and bore similarities to the music of acts such as Gang of Four as well as Delta 5. The offering was successful in enabling the band to gain a foothold in the Bog Apple's post-punk scene and was followed up by a pair of EPs We No Longer Knew Who We Were and Fins to Make Us More Fish-Like in 2002. The track "Every Day Is a Child with Teeth" from the latter was testament to their ability to shift between danceable ditties and more rhythmically rich pieces. Their sophomore studio recording They Were Wrong, So We Drowned came out in 2004 and was very unique in the sense of its lyrics being inspired by local folklore and witch covens. Around this time, the band members had developed a deep interest in all things occult and so crafted a melodiously macabre and lyrically layered soundscape within the record. This was further accented with musical experimentation such as sound looping that was a sharp departure from their signature rambunctious rhythms. Your cheap Liars tickets will treat you to their eclectic range of musical manna. 
Prior to coming out with their third album Drum's not Dead in 2006, the Liars relocated to Berlin and hence recorded the respective work over there. True to its title, the studio offering featured a whole range of experimentation with drum sounds and guitar vibes serving to create a background atmosphere within which to musically anchor them. Even in the case of the vocal feel, Andrew opted to dial up the falsetto. The Liars released their album along with a DVD containing video compilations.
With their 2007 self-titled album release, the Liars entered the top-ten of the Billboard Heatseekers chart and interestingly supporting the band Interpol during their respective European and North American tour. 2010. Sisterworld peaked at the 11th spot on the Top Heatseekers chart and was recorded in an LA studio being borne out of collaboration with Jon Brion and Tom Biller. Interestingly, the band also released the album in a classic vinyl format in addition to the contemporary CD one. Their latest WIXIW topped out at the 4th spot, even charting on the Billboard 200. So latch on to some Liars tickets to be told some tuneful truths a whole lot of lyrical lies.

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