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A German gothic band with a difference, Lacrimosa have become a serious international sensation. Over the past two decades they have not only performed at some of the biggest arenas in the world but have given gothic music a new look by mixing traditional heavy metal with more instruments. Grab your Lacrimosa tickets now and make your way to the arena to catch this amazing group of performers, live.

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About Lacrimosa

Lacrimosa was formed in the year 1990 by Tilo Wolff. Tilo hails from Frankfurt. He is the composer, designer of the albums arts works, lyricist, pianist and vocalist all rolled into one. Tilo is also the founder of the record label Hall of Sermon. He created the company so that he doesn’t have to look for outside help when it came to releasing the music created by Lacrimosa. He is joined on stage by Anne Nurmi who is from Finland and is the keyboard player of the group. As a kid she used to sing choirs in churches and by 1987, she had formed her own band, Noidat. Two years later, two more members Toby and Nauku hopped on board and the group was re-named Two Witches. Anne and Tilo first met when the two groups went on a tour in 1993. Anne’s voice and her talents impressed Tilo so much that he asked her to join his group. In 1994 Anne officially became a member of Lacrimosa and she has remained the same ever since.
Lacrimosa as a group made its debut with the album Angst. It was a very slow and sad recording that had a lot of keyboard in it. They followed it up with Einsamkeit and Satura in 1992 and 1993 respectively. All three albums were released before Anne joined the band in 1994. Lacrimosa’s debut with Anne as a group member came with the 1995 album, Inferno. It was more or less based on the theme of the band’s previous three albums but was still a little different. This was the time period when electrical instruments were being incorporated in the slower, darker and lonelier music which added a tinge of rock into the band’s music. Two years later Lacrimosa released their next album titled Stille. It was received very positively by their fans and the critics. Elodia came out in 1999 and that album marked a substantial shift in the direction of the music being created by the group. It was their very first album that titled towards a fusion of classical and metal. It had an orchestral side which was contributed to by Rosenberg Ensemble, Hamburg State Opera and the London Symphony Orchestra.
Their next album was titled Fassade and it continued Lacrimosa’s journey into new avenues. It was a conceptual album which was based on the story of an isolated person being besieged by the society. Just like the previous releases this album was also received very positively by critics around the globe. Their next release Echos took their popularity even further. With classical instruments being at the forefront of the music coming out of the album, it became a huge hit. Allmusic gave it four stars out of five and reviews from the likes of Powermetal were favorable as well. Lacrimosa once again changed track with their 2009 release, Sehnsucht. Tilo wanted this album to be less conceptual than the previous ones which had become a hallmark of the group. The result was a more natural vibrant sound that appealed to one and all as soon as it came out.
Lacrimosa and their music has been all about constant evolution to change they way gothic music has been looked at by the masses. Their heavy metal music coupled with classical instruments give their music a look that is absolutely unique. Cheap Lacrimosa tickets are available for you to buy and watch this amazing group rock you to the core.

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