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An alternative music movement in itself, Janes Addiction is ready to rock you. For over two and a half decades this iconic band has stood at the top of the pile as one of the greatest groups of all time. Like true great artists the decades of dominance has kept them motivating to push the envelope even further. They have hit the road once again as part of their latest tour and you can catch them live by getting your hands on Janes Addiction tickets.

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About Janes Addiction

Janes Addiction is the brainchild of Perry Farrell. The roots for the inception of the band came from Perry’s old group called Psi Com. He was looking for a bass player for the group when he came to meet Eric Avery. Together the duo started to play and those sessions resulted into the formation of Janes Addiction. Stephen Perkins and Dave Navarro then came onboard and the group started to jam. The music created by them went on to become very popular in and around Los Angeles which resulted in them signing for Warner Bros. In 1988, Janes Addiction released their debut album titled Nothing’s Shocking. They went on a tour to support the album by the end of which the group was selling out concert arenas around the country. 1990 saw the release of their second album Ritual de lo Habitual and another major tour. As part of the tour, they opened the inaugural edition of the famous Lollapalooza festival. Helped by tracks like Stop! and Been Caught Stealing, the group’s performances on the festival turned them into sensations. After the end of the tour Janes Addiction went on a hiatus for a few years before making their comeback in 1997.
With a few new faces on the roster the group made a major splash in 2001 when they headlined the Jubilee Tour. The band played every old song that they had created coupled with a few new ones. Fans flocked to buy Janes Addiction tickets and the tour turned out to be a huge success. The positive feedback from that trip enabled the group to focus on working and coming up their next full studio album, which was to be their first after Ritual de lo Habitual. Bob Ezrin was hired as the producer and the band went to work on their next masterpiece. Strays hit the music stores on 22nd July, 2003 and became a major hit. Some of the tracks on the album went quite a few years back in the group’s history while the rest of the collection was new.  Headlined by the song Just Because, the album made a serious impact and gave the genre a new feel and sound. Janes Addiction went on a global tour as soon as Strays came out by the end of which the band had decided to go on another extended break. The members went on to pursue different projects but did release the group’s greatest hits collection in the year 2006 which was titled Up From the Catacombs-The Best of Jane’s Addiction.
Janes Addiction got back together again to perform at the first ever NME Awards on 23rd April, 2008. 2009 saw them tram up with Nine Inch Nails for a magnificent road trip. The next few years were spent on the road and headlining some of the biggest festivals on earth. On top of that, newer versions of some old songs were also recorded by Janes Addiction to keep the creativity flowing but didn’t release any complete studio album. That all changed in 2011 with the release of The Great Escape Artist. The album turned out to be another huge hit that had fans and critics purring over it and cementing the band’s reputation as true legends of the business.
Anyone and everyone who has anything to do with alternative music knows Janes Addiction is among the greatest of all time. They have not only given the genre a new look but have played a big part in making it as popular as it is today. Now that they are on a tour, all you need to do is grab the cheap Janes Addiction tickets available and watch alternative royalty, live.

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