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Few bands in history have created something so unique that it can only be attributed to their name. Incubus is one group that not only produced a unique sound, but managed to do so when its members were only high school students. They have come a long way since then by remaining true to their sound and have continued to amaze fans everywhere their exceptional music.

About Incubus


A look back into the past

Incubus can trace its roots all the way back to 1991, when Brandon Boyd (vocalist), Jose Pasillas (drummer), Mike Einziger (guitarist) and Alex Katunich (bassist) met in high school. It wasn’t long before they decided to start a band. The four of them started off by playing in local bars and restaurants. They soon developed a sound that would forever be associated with the band’s name.


Changes in the lineup

Since formation, only two members have left the band. Shortly after Incubus was created in 1995 the group hired Gavin "DJ Lyfe" Koppell on turntables and keyboard duties. However some problems developed between the band members and Koppell was released from the group. Chris Kilmore was then hired as replacement in 1998 and he became an integral part of Incubus.


Alex Katunich, one of the founding members stayed on as a bassist till 2003. He left the group after the release of their fourth album, “Morning View”. He was replaced by Ben Kenney, a former member of the Roots and an accomplished bass guitarist and backing vocalist.  


Incubus on a roll

Incubus has been busy over the years, coming out with several successful albums and EPs. Their first album was titled “Fungus Amongus” and it was released in 1995. It made it to number one hundred and sixteen on the Billboard charts and brought the band more than some recognition in music circles.


Their follow-up recording titled “S.C.I.E.N.C.E.” also fared similarly before they came out with their third release “Make Yourself” in 1999. It was their first album to break in to the top fifty of the Billboard charts. It was also certified platinum in the US, Canada and Australia and reached gold status in the UK.


However the best was yet to come and their last four releases prove that. Their follow up to “Make Yourself” was titled “Morning View” and it became one of their highest selling albums. It was their first recording to make to number two on the US Billboard charts and number three on the Canadian and Australian music charts. It was also certified platinum in several countries around the world to put Incubus on the map as a band to look out for.    


Incubus has released a total of seven albums to date, the last four of which have made it in to the top five of the Billboard charts. They have also had three albums certified as platinum in the US and three which went gold.


The future is bright

The band has also released five EPs, the last of which was titled “Trust Fall (Side A)” and it came out in 2015. It went to number six on the US Billboard charts and Incubus are now heading out on an extensive tour. They will be joined on the road trip by Deftones, ‘Death From Above 1979’ and ‘The Bots’ to complete a dream lineup for rock fans everywhere.


This tour is just a precursor to all the great things Incubus has planned for the future and this is your chance to be a part of their performance to get a taste of what to expect next. Just get your Incubus tickets and get ready to rock the night away with one of the most famous bands on the planet.

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