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Hot Chip began their music career as an electropop band in 2000. Hailing from London, the sensational group has produced four studio albums till date. The five member band was founded by Alexis Taylor and Joe Goddard, who were school friends and had previously worked together. Later, talented artists like Owen Clarke, Felix Martin and Al Doyle joined them and formed a full-fledge band. Their music has been a blend of alternative rock, dance punk and synthpop genre. Their unique style can't be placed into any one specific genre and the fans are always treated to something new. The band has produced hip, indie rock songs that are often played at the dance clubs and parties.

About Hot Chip

The artists Taylor and Goddard got their inspiration from the phenomenal rock-star, Prince and the bands, "Dirty Mind" and "The Black Album". While still in school, the duo began composing music with the help of different software. They created some dance, hip-hop beats that were given words by Alexis. He lent his voice to several songs and together they managed to self-release a CD of their singles and EPs. It was a great achievement for the artists as they were able to sell around 200 copies. Clarke did most of the artwork for the band and also contributed through his guitar playing. The bands passion for music encouraged them to continue with their self-released albums and had full faith that their talent would be recognized soon.

In 2004, Hot Chip signed with DFA Records and produced their first commercial single, "Over and Over". The song became a huge hit and was named as the hottest dance tracks of that year. The label remixed few others of their songs and made them public on various radio stations. The band became a new sensation and their songs were played in every car, boom-box and dance clubs. The rock-stars earned a lot of recognition and signed with the famous EMI records.

Hot Chip released their first studio album, "Coming On Strong" in 2005. The album was composed and recorded in Goddard's bedroom. Produced with a lot of samples and keyboards, it appeared as inventive to many fans. The critics as well as the audiences found the amateur music unique and fresh. Their songs got known as the, "Laptop Pop" and the band created music on their own devices. The mixture of techno, organic and electronic dance tunes, made "Coming On Strong" a very diverse and a different record. The synth-beats along with electro-funk music have made this album a huge hit with the younger crowd. The strong vocals by Taylor and the background choruses add a lot of depth to the songs. The groovy album includes a lot of tracks that have been rocking the dance floors worldwide.

2006 saw the release of Hot Chip's second album, "The Warning". The album also featured their hit song, "Over and Over". The album left behind their previous delicate melodies and included some powerful tracks. The use of drum machines, gliding synths and keyboards created an astounding album. It produced two hit songs, "Boy From School" and "Breakdown". Taylor's voice quality has improved tremendously and has blended it perfectly according to the requirements of the songs. "The Warning" was nominated for Mercury Music Prize and earned album of the year award by Mixmag. A British music magazine NME named the song, "Over and Over" the best single of 2006.

Hot Chip treated the fans with their third album in 2008. "Made in the Dark" produced the hit song, "Ready For The Floor" which appeared at the number six position on the UK Singles Charts. It also included other hit tracks like, "Shake a Fist", "Bendable Poseable" and "We're Looking For A Lot of Love". Each song showed a variation of beats, pulses and rhythms. As a listener you can't help but tap your feet at the rocking numbers.

The year 2010 saw the release of bands fourth album, "One Life Stand". In this record, Hot Chip has collaborated with artists from other bands, bringing a fresh perspective to their music. It includes sensational tracks like, "Hand Me Down Your Love", "Take It In" and "Thieves in the Night".

Hot Chip treats it ever growing fan-base with worldwide tours. The bands live performances are simply brilliant. They use synthesizers, programmed vocals as well as effects to enhance their acts. To witness a live show by the amazing rockers, get your Hot Chip Tickets now! Their music will show you a great time.

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After performing at some of the biggest festivals in England, the British electropop band Hot Chip is finally touring! The exciting band from the city of London started out in 2004 with their debut album. They have made their name as DJ's as well as creating a niche in the world electro pop scene. The intricate use of electronic instruments makes their live performances a treat for the listener and the thumping beats provide some great rhythms for people who want to get down and dance! Hot Chip Tickets are usually quick sellers so if you want to catch them on tour, get your Chip Tickets before they're all gone!

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