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Founded in 2005, the Hollywood Undead is an incredible rap rock band that is made up of six brilliant players including Jordon Terrel, Matthew St. Claire, Daniel Murillo, Jorel Decker, George Ragan and Dylan Alvarez. Jordon Terrel is the lead singer and guitarist while Daniel Murillo is the clean vocalist, rhythm guitarist and keyboardist. Matthew St. Claire is a brilliant drummer; Jorel Decker is a talented programmer while George Ragan is a bright backing vocalist and bass guitarist. Dylan Alvarez is famously known as the Funny Man whose brilliant vocals enhance the overall look and feel of the concert. Each band member has got his own unique style of mask that is upgraded every time a new album is released.

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Hollywood Undead

Events Venue Location Date Price Tickets
In This Moment & Hollywood Undead Commodore Ballroom Vancouver Thursday
11/2/2017 7:00 PM
$95.00 Buy
In This Moment & Hollywood Undead MacEwan Hall Calgary Saturday
11/4/2017 6:00 PM
$215.00 Buy
In This Moment & Hollywood Undead Shaw Conference Centre Edmonton Sunday
11/5/2017 5:00 PM
$64.00 Buy
In This Moment & Hollywood Undead Burton Cummings Theatre Winnipeg Tuesday
11/7/2017 6:00 PM
$184.00 Buy
In This Moment & Hollywood Undead Brown County Veterans Memorial Arena Green Bay Saturday
11/11/2017 7:00 PM
$68.00 Buy

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About Hollywood Undead

The Hollywood Undead band released its debut album, Swan Songs on Octone Records in September 2008. Some of the fan-favorite singles of the album include Undead, Everywhere I Go, No. 5, Paradise Lost, Young and the list goes on. The album opened at number twenty two on the Billboard 200, received a gold certification from the RIAA and sold nearly twenty one thousand copies in the first week alone. The second studio album, American Tragedy was released in April 2011 followed by the first remix album, American Tragedy Redux that contains dark and heavy lyrical content as compared to the debut album. The album opened at number four on the Billboard 200 and sold over sixty seven thousand copies only in the first week. Some of the successful singles of the album include Hear Me Now, Been to Hell, Coming Back Down, Comin' in Hot and My Town among others.

The rap rock band released its third studio album, Notes from the Underground in January 2013. The album was received with critical acclaim by the fans and music critics and smashed the Billboard 200 at number two and Canada's Top Albums chart at number one. It is considered as the highest charting album of the band till date and sold fifty three thousand copies in the first week alone. Rick Florino from the digital media company, Artistdirect gave the album five out of five stars because according to Rick, it is not just the best album of the year 2013 but also the best album Hollywood Undead band has ever released. Some of the delightfully amazing songs of the album include Dead Bite, From the Ground, Another Way Out, Rain and many more.

The Hollywood Undead band sets the fire on stage with its infectious and invigorating performances. What sets the band apart from other bands in the music arena is the ability of every member to provide the vocals as well as the instrument beats at the same time. Usually, the band has three to four rappers in a single song whereas one member sings the chorus. However, there are certain singles such as Pour Me and Everywhere I Go that are left to a single rapper while other numbers such as Dove and Grenade and Christmas in Hollywood feature all six members of the band.

People are anxiously waiting for the band to kick off a concert in their town so that they could book their share of the Hollywood Undead tickets. People who have been to their concert a hundred times before are returning to catch the band live again. You can also enjoy the nonstop entertainment of the band by latching onto some cheap Hollywood Undead tickets. If you like the band’s music, you should definitely go to see them live in a concert. It would be great if you know the songs beforehand because you could then hum along the lyrics with the band as well. The band does justice to the alternative rock music when performing because the players know what it takes to put on a spectacular show. You would love the supersonic energy of the band on stage especially the opening act of American Fangs, so do not forget to attend this concert. 

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