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There is hardly any event that is as exciting as a live concert. If you want to experience a great musical night, deals on Hank III tickets are offered at our website for your convenience. Keep a track of your favorite stars doing tours around the nation and save yourself a spot for their shows. Hank Williams III or Hank III is a drummer, bassist, guitarist, and singer. He is known for honky tonk music recordings; in addition to that his styles vary between punk, metal, and country. He is an essential member of ‘Assjack’, a punk metal music band. The reason he is recognized as Hank III because he is the grandson of Hank Williams, a country music legend and son of Hank Williams Jr. His real name is Shelton. The family tried to keep the sequel of the name “Hank” going. Hank III spent most of his time in early years with his mother and was brought up by her. While hanging out in Georgia he eventually started playing in a few punk bands. Late he thought to represent his family name and protect it in the country music. And for that reason he started playing solo and released his debut album, The Three Hanks in 1996.

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About Hank III

Hank III is known to experiment with his music and hence always produces ingenious compositions. He is also apt in different languages. Guttertown and Ghost To A Ghost are his recent albums that are of the same pattern having a few tracks in French, some are even sung in Cajun and Klezmer languages. This mix and match of genres is a great album and fans love all his songs. As he sings rebellious songs, these albums are less aggressive than the previous ones. Like none other artist, Hank III is always very keen about what his fans think of him and his music as he always shows concerns about the reviews his fans place for his work.
The artist has so far released seven albums. His time during his early career in 1980s was spent more in punk music groups as a drummer. Hank has tried his hand in a movie as a small role in the film Shooter. But he is better off with singing as he creates good music and fans love him as a musician. Just like his ancestors, Hank III is also a pure and honest musician. Whatever he does is genuine and shows his love for music. The venues get jam packed with crowd, dying to have a glimpse of Hank III. And when he starts performing on-stage, fans cannot stop screaming, hooting and dancing with him on his numbers. Hank is another largest rip off in the music industry particularly in America after his father. Not only does he have to live up to the expectations as being the son of Hank Jr. he carries an added burden of the achievements gained by his father.
Hank III is said to be a genius, he was born with singing talent that was further polished by his grandfather and father’s support, as they shared their intelligence and skills with him. His grandfather, Hank has the honor of bringing change in 1940’s and 50’s music style. He was among the pioneers in music to combine several different cultural influences of well-known music such as, Irish/Scottish/Anglo country music, Spanish and French Cajun, and African American Blues.
It is very hard to keep fans from grabbing tickets to an event and especially when it’s their favorite artist performing live. Hank III is one of the most loved artists and fans love his songs and his live performances are never missed by them. And when cheap Hank III tickets are offered, fans will lurch onto them to secure their spot. So don’t wait much and get yours now to watch this great singer playing live.

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