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Gaining a huge following amongst the college students while touring the campuses, Guster, an alternative rock band made its mark in the hearts of many. Formed in Boston in 1990, the band stayed in oblivion and won acclaim through word of mouth. The contract with a prime label added zing to their popularity. The humor, cult following and live performance are the key features to Guster.

About Guster

The trio of Ryan Miller, Adam Gardener and Brian Rosenworcel worked well when they performed for the first time in 1991. As the two albums Parachute (1994) and Goldfly (1997) came into the market the band remained underground and silently won the hearts of many. Parachute was praised by The Boston Globe because the album was rated as the Best Local Debut Album of the year. The song Window also showed on the compilation album, Aware Compilation, Vol. 3, the same year. Their third album Lost and Gone Forever (1999) gave an initiative to pounce upon the mainstream music and reach up to Adult top 40. Guster then became the heart throb of many as their songs were selected for various films, advertisements and television shows too. With the spreading of name and acclaim, the band toured initially in their hometown but later on went international. With its first performance in Canada in 1999 and later in 2004 in Britain, Guster had the commitment of four shows in London. In 2006 September, Boston Music Awards honored the band by presenting Album of the Year Award. Also Guster was rated amongst the greatest independent triumphant band of the 90s that was regarded as the most reputed yet unpromoted band. Guster was supported by producer Roger Moutenot for their fourth album but unfortunately due to the collapse of Sire records, the release of the album was delayed. After much anticipated delay, the album, Keep It Together was released in 2003. This instilled the band to tour the United States over the next year for several times. Confirming Joe Pisapia as their permanent member, the band gathered together for their fifth album Ganging Up on the Sun in 2006. This 12 song album soared the band to immense heights topping at number 25 on the Billboard top 200 albums and also winning an award at Boston Music Awards 2006. Before releasing the fifth album, Guster also brought a DVD/CD combo in the market in 2004 as the public interest grew more and more in their music. The sixth album Easy Wonderful came into the forefront just recently in October 2010 with the touring sessions about to begin. The album has so far received a positive response on the internet as their songs are being downloaded massively.
Guster has a distinctive style of playing the music, thus presenting a unique blend of acoustic guitars and percussion instruments. Creating vocal harmony, Guster has a signature sound with Gardner and Miller acting as lead singers at various shows. The band has toured with a number of artists like Ben Folds, Tally Hall, John Mayer and many others. Even their live shows have distinctive quality that draws a line between them and other bands. With huge following, Guster has a strong bond with its fans. With regular studio updates and road journals, the band once maintained a representative program that offered promotional material thus promoting their upcoming albums and concerts. At the start of the career, Guster sold more than 10,000 copies of Parachute and Goldfly with just a little word-of-mouth as the fans followed their activities. After the release of Ganging up on the Sun, Wrecking Machine a new program was launched by Guster that promoted posters of the band for advertising close by concerts. With such an active routine, the band has been constantly touring and making full use of its time and name. At times, Guster plays more than 250 shows each year making them amongst the busiest bands of the United States.
Making a start from a local coffee house and reaching beyond expectations, Guster has achieved more than they thought. A small get together at Tufts University could reach so far, this reality was never perceived by anyone. Guster has swept the hearts of many and is now going to bring a very special show for its audience. Gather to witness the music at its best by grabbing Guster Tickets now!

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