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Grouplove is an American alternative rock band hailing from Los Angeles, a city that has raised many a rock legend. This is a band that is well on its way to becoming a legend, a band that began its journey up to reigning over the world of rock. Their music is already a style in its own right, blending alternative rock with indie pop, indie rock and indie electronic music. They are signed onto the Atlantic Records subsidiary, Canvasback, through whom they have released a studio album, an EP and several singles. They have also performed many a concert, all of which have led to fans buying more Grouplove tickets for their next concerts.

About Grouplove

Grouplove is home to several talented artists, starting from vocalist and guitarist Christian Zucconi and vocalist and keyboardist Hannah Hooper to guitarist Andrew Wessen, drummer Ryan Rabin and bassist Sean Gadd. As an indie rock band, they have gained much fame all over the indie music scene. All members of the band were friends, meeting each other and then deciding to start a band. Hannah Hooper met Christian Zucconi in Manhattan, inviting him to Crete where she had an artist residency. Ryan Rabin and Andrew Wessen grew up together with the former being the son of Trevor Rabin, a renowned member of the music industry.
A year after meeting up, members of Grouplove formed the band in Los Angeles at Ryan Rabin’s studio, performing their first live show at the El Cid, located in Los Angeles. Their first concert led to many grabbing cheap Grouplove tickets and watching the band on their later shows. They then went on to release a self-titled EP. Their first single was titled as Colours and it ranked twelfth on the Alternative Chart. It was also part of the soundtrack of FIFA 12, Madden 12 and MLB 2K12. In 2011, they released their debut album which ranked high on charts in Australia and the US.
Grouplove’s song, Tongue Tied, ranked first on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart and was part of a commercial for the Apple iPod Touch. In 2012, they released the song Itchin’ on a Photograph, which ranked high on the US Alternative Charts. Live in concert, they have no equal, leaving fans mesmerized and eager to lay their hands on the next batch of Grouplove tickets.