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You know you have made it large when people no longer know your real name and are only familiar with your stage or professional name. Fans of eclectic music will be forgiven for not knowing the real name of Grimes. She has most definitely made it to the big leagues. And what makes her achievement even more astounding and uplifting at the same time is her struggle against the odds to make her own unique identity. Now she is ready to perform for you yet again, so wait no more and get your Grimes tickets now. What is refreshing about her is that whether you know her as Grimes or as Claire Boucher, her real name, you will meet the same person. She has not let her stardom forget about her roots and beginnings. This Canadian native was born on March 17th 1988 in Vancouver. Amongst other things, this talented individual is an artist, musician and music director. It was while she was in college that she got hooked on underground electronic and industrial music. In the process she started recording music herself. And the rest, as they say, is history.

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About Grimes

Grimes decided to go professional in 2010 and came out with her first album titled Geidi Primes. This was released under Arbutus Records. She followed that up with her sophomore effort the next year called Halfaxa. However, it was after changing labels and moving to 4AD Records that she finally met critical acclaim. Her third album Vision was hailed by some, New York Times being one of them, as one of the most impressive albums of the year.  What makes Grimes stand out is her eclectic use of vocal elements as well as a wide and often diverse range of elements and instruments which includes industrial to electronic to pop to hip hop to R&B to noise rock and even medieval music. Hand in hand with her solo musical career, Boucher is also a band member of the group L$D. The other members includes Kreayshawn and Tragik. Just like the complexity of the person, Boucher’s music is difficult to pin down exactly. It is as if even in her music, her alter ego from the stage keeps switching back and forth with her real identity. The resulting music is best described by Boucher herself who says it’s a version of ADD music and she explain it by way of saying that her music follows the phases she keeps going through herself. Critics and lovers of music have found a similarity in her work with those of Bjork and Enya.

Like a true genius in her own field, Boucher says that the vision to make music came to her while listening to it. And just like that, it was as if a road map had opened up right before her eyes and she knew just which buttons to press to make her own version of music. Grimes attributes music with getting over her nervous tic she had as a child who would make her tap her foot continuously. Music gave her a way to use that nervousness and pour it out for the world to enjoy. The instruments she mainly uses to produce her work are keyboards and synthesizers. Sometimes, Grimes even puts in drums or guitar instrumentation, depending upon her frame of mind at that time. What sets her music apart though is her habit of using looping and layering techniques which especially uses vocals, so much so that some of her songs use more than fifty vocals. The end result is an otherworldly experience that leaves the listener in a trance and completely mesmerized.

Lovers of this unique talent must not miss this chance and avail the opportunity to buy cheap Grimes tickets now and see this musical genius in live.

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