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Govt Mule is a famous Southern rock jam band which was created in 1994. This band was a side project of the Allman Brothers Band which had been initiated by Allen Woody and Warren Haynes. In 1995, the band successfully released their first album which was titled as Gov’t Mule. In a very short time the band fruitfully has turned into becoming a staple act at famous music festivals that take places all over North America. Both the members of the band as well as regular guest musicians who are from various renowned music groups add different types of elements such as blues rock and folk to the sounds of the band.

About Govt Mule

The main musical genres of this absolutely rocking music band are hard rock, blues rock and Southern rock. The band has been actively a part of the music industry since 1994 till the present. The music recording label companies that they have been affiliated are Evil Teen Records, Foundation Records, ATO Records, Relativity Records and Capricorn Records. The band has also given some outstanding associated acts with other music groups such as Blue Floyd, The Dead, The Allman Brothers Band, Phil Lesh and Friends and also Planet of the Abts. The current lineup of the group comprises of Jorgen Carlsson, Matt Abts, Warren Haynes and Danny Louis. Previous members of the band have been Andy Hess and Allen Woody.
The history of Govt Mule is rather interesting. In 1989, The Allman Brother band developed and improved their music due to the popularity of the famous Dreams album box set. Allen Woody joined the band as a bass guitarist while Warren Haynes joined in as a lead guitarist. Both Haynes and Woody shared a common fascination for the power trios of 1960s such as the James gang, The Jemi Hendrix Experience, Mountain and Cream. It was at this time that Woody, Haynes and also Matt Abts the drummer who had been playing with Haynes in the music band called Dickey Betts Band, formed a new band as The Allman Brothers Band. After releasing their debut album which was titled as the name of the band in 1995, they released their second album called Live from Roseland Ballroom in 1996. The second album received a lot of critical acclaim just as their debut album had.
When Haynes and Woody sensed that The Allman Brothers Band was not coming up with new material, they both decided to leave the band and give their full attention to Govt Mule in 1997. They released another album known as Dose in the early part of 1998. The Allman Brothers Band, The Derek Trucks Band, Parliament/Funkadelic and the Black Crowes music band joined them for their New Year’s Eve live music performance in 1998. This concert performance was recorded in a CD version also which was known as Live… With a Little Help from Our Friends.

In January in 2010, the band gave a stunning live performance at the famous “Island Exodus” in Negril in Jamaica. On the 15th of May in 2010, they performed at the Hangout Music Festival and also on June 24, 2010, played at the popular Azkena Rock Festival. On July 30, 2010, , the band gave an opening performance for the much celebrated band called Dave Mathews Band which was held at Cruzan Amphitheatre located in West Palm Beach in Florida. The band performed in a thrilling live show in October in 2010 at the Fox Theater situated in Oakland, California on a theme of “Halloween”. Their live concerts are always a sellout. This is a splendid opportunity for you to get Govt Mule tickets and enjoy a live music event at which you will truly have a memorable time.
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