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Mules are typically considered hardy creatures, carrying considerable loads across seemingly impassable terrain across the world. However, one mulish entity decided to apply its head-on determination in the land of Southern rock and hasn't looked back. Secure some cheap Govt Mule New York tickets to experience their eclectic ride. Govt Mule was conceived in the late eighties when current member Warren Hayes was inducted in The Allman Brothers as a lead guitarist and former member Allen Woody as a bassist. Four years into the nineties, Govt Mule stood up on its flailing legs and after gaining a solid footing with its self-titled debut album in 1995, started trekking all over the North American soundscape.

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Their live offering Live from Roseland Ballroom went top-fifty on the US Independent Rock chart in 1996 and the double-helping of The Deep End released at the onset of the 2000s charted in the Billboard 200, as did a live version of it in 2003, being certified gold subsequently. However, this newfound prominence came in the aftermath of the tragic loss of band-member Allen Woody in 2000. At the Govt Mule New York event you will surely find yourself in "the deep end" of their pool of blues rock tunes.  Most of Govt Mule's albums released in the 2000s have charted in the Billboard 200, with 2006's High & Mighty, 2007's Mighty High, 2009's By a Thread and 2010's Millennium going top-ten on the US Independent Albums chart. So book some Govt Mule New York tickets now to be enthralled by their musically rich droppings.