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There is nothing more exciting than watching one of the best rock bands on earth performing at its best! Glassjaw is here to sweep you off your feet.


Glassjaw is a rock band from NewYork. In the summers of 1993 Beck and Palumbo came across each other at a camp. After a lot of thinking they decided to name the band Glassjaw thereby following the tradition of combining two names in one for example curbjaw, mouthpiece .The band gave their first performance in Oceanside in 1994. In the beginning Beck and Weinstock were performing with a Jewish Straight Edge Metalcore band called Sons of Abraham . The latter had a very strong influence on the kind of music they produced and this could be seen from songs like  Shoving (She Should Have Let Me Sleep) and Hurting. While playing with the New York hardcore the lineup was in a constant flux. Initially Beck was on drums but afterward when Ariel Telford left the band in the year 1998, he started playing bass guitar. Later he started playing the lead guitar at the time when Manuel Carrero joined and Kris Baldwin left the band.


In 1997 Glassjaw recorded a five song album named Kiss Kiss Bang Bang EP. This album proved to be a milestone for the band because it was at first released under the label 2 Cents a Pop and later on in 2001, it was once again released but this time independently. At that time the group included Todd Weinstock, Daryl Palumbo, Kris Baldwin, Justin Beck and Ariel Telford. After establishing them as one of the best emerging talent of the country Glassjaw with producer Ross Robin went into the studio at Indigo Ranch in Malibu, California in order to record their first full album Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Silence which was released by Roadrunner Records in 2000. At the time of recording the album the band included Todd Weinstock, Palumbo, Manuel Carrero, Beck and Sammy Siegler. They had become famous for giving aggressive music but they did not limit themselves to just one type of music. There have been other songs that brought versatility in their performances for example Her Middle Name is Boom, When One Eight Becomes Two Zeros and Piano.


In 2001 Glassjaw went on to record its second album entitled Worship and Tribute, under the supervision of Ross Robinson. After leaving Roadrunner, they entered into a new contract with Warner Bros. Records. At that time Weinstock, Beck, Palumbo and Shannon Larkin of Amen were the members of the band. With the help of this album they were able to show to the world what they were capable of doing by blending jazz with ambient influences. This can easily be seen in songs like Convectuoso, Ape Dos Mil, The Gillette Cavalcade of Sports and Must’ve Run All Day. Such music brought a breath of fresh air in the music industry as it moved away from the established norms and conventions of music in their times. They were acclaimed throughout the world due to the kind of music they produced. During the years 2002-2003, the band went on tour to different parts of the world to show their talent. They performed in festivals like Snocore, Warped Tour and Ozzfest. In the year 2005 they collected the songs that were not a part of the album Worship and Tribute and were released in another album called El Mark. After gaining considerable amount of popularity Glassjaw introduced its own official website in November, 2006.


They started playing in collaboration with other bands and in December 2006 they performed with an alternative metal band called Deftones.After that it became one of the top rated bands in Southern California and performed in various venues including Glasshouse in Pomona, Avalon in Hollywood and The House of Blues in San Diego. The band was one of the first ones to perform in various festivals held in 2007 including Against Me, Saints & Sinners Festival at the Asbury Park Convention Hall in Asbury Park and New Jersey. Glassjaw has been changing and bringing variation in the kind of music they produced. They have consisted of genres like neo-progressive rock, post-hardcore, alternative rock, experimental rock, hardcore punk, nu-metal and rapcore.


Glassjaw Tickets will enable you to experience the unexpected and will guarantee an evening to remember.



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Q:Can you deliver three Glassjaw tickets to the same address with the delivery charges of one?

A:We buy all Glassjaw Tickets from different brokers. Therefore, we cannot consolidate two or more orders. You will have to pay the delivery charges on all the tickets separately.