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Ghostland Observatory is a band which was started by two friends in 2004 to present a different kind of music.  And different kind of music they did present, by combining various music genres in their music and incorporating them into one. The band is made up of Aaron Kyle Behrens and Thomas Ross Turner who are the lead vocalist and guitarist respectively. The duo has teamed up to make a band that has gained a lot of popularity, especially in their home town, Austin. Ghostland Observatory tickets are for everyone who wants to enjoy a live concert which is very different from the usual ones and is an experience which can be looked forward to.

About Ghostland Observatory Tickets

Ghostland Observatory has mixed new wave, funk, rock and electronic music and has made one big genre out of it. Their music is a new kind which is highly entertaining. The duo has released four studio albums. The first one came out in 2005 with the title, Delete.Delete.I.Eat.Meat. The album had singles including “Candy Rider”, “Silver City”, “Black Box” and “Over Again”. The second album was titled Paparazzi and came out in 2006, comprising of singles including “Piano Man”, “Move with Your Lover”, “Vibrate”, “Stranger Lover” and “Midnight Voyage”. 2008 saw another studio album of the band, Robotique Mjestique, which included “Heavy Heart”, “Freeheart Lover”, “The Band Marches On” and “Club Soda”. The most recent album of the band came out in 2010 with the title Codename: Rondo. This album took a new turn on the style of music and the change in the musical style of the band was much appreciated by the critics and fan alike. The album contained singles including “Glitter”, “Miracle”, “Body Shop” and “Time”.
All the four studio albums of the duo have been released under the label of Trashy Moped Recordings. The band has also released a DVD in 2007 titled, Live from Austin Texas.  And what else could fans want! They rejoiced on the release of the DVD and enjoyed it as much as the studio albums. Regarded by a famous Austin newspaper as the band of the year, the band has performed thrice at the Austin City Limits Music Festival. Before appearing in 2007 on the Austin City Limits, the band made its first television appearance on the Late Night Show with Conan O’ Brien. In addition to a number of appearances and performances lined up for the band, Ghostland Observatory has also performed in New Orleans at the Voodoo Experience, Lollapalooza and Coachella.  The live concerts of the band are also unique and extraordinary because of the ambience and the environment which is set for the show which include dazzling and dancing lights set in the most brilliant of manners, taking use of the methods of deflection and reflection. All this makes the experience of attending a live concert of Ghostland Observatory amazing and draws crowds of fans.  
There is one thing which fans enjoy more than the DVDs and studio albums of the band and that is the live concerts of this amazing duo. Fans are always waiting for the live performances of the band and jump up to the opportunity of grabbing Ghostland Observatory tickets. This duo knows how to present a live performance that will be delightful and full of fun for the audience. Even if one is not a fan of the band, it will only take one attendance at the band’s concert and he will start liking the band. The band has started a lot of touring over the last few years and is one such live tour currently. Ghostland Observatory tickets are ruling the markets because of their high demand. Fans will need to hurry up to book their tickets or else they will miss on a chance of a wonderful live concert experience which is a mix of all your favorite music genres. So make good this chance and grab your tickets today! 

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A:You can buy as many ghostland observatory Tickets from our website as you want as we put no limitation in this regard.