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Gavin DeGraw rose to fame when he released his debut single, I Don’t Want to Be that ended up being featured on the television drama series, “One Tree Hill.” Since then he has not looked back and tasted global success through the sheer power of his music.

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Strong Debut

Gavin DeGraw first showed interest in music at the age of eight when he started to sing and play piano. As a teen growing up, he was a part of a local group, “The People’s Band” but soon began his solo career acting upon his brother’s advice to write his own songs. He was later signed to J Records which led to the release of his breakthrough single, I Don’t Want to Be. The track went three times platinum and went on to feature on his debut album, ‘Chariot.’

Beyond Music

Gavin DeGraw is not only just a platinum selling artist but has gone on as far as to try his acting skills. The Not Over You singer has appeared in four episodes of the hit show, ‘One Tree Hill.’ He has also appeared on ‘TRL,’ ‘Late Night With Conan O’Brien’ and ‘Rove Love.’

He was also invited as a guest on ‘Jensen!’ and has participated in ABC’s ‘Dancing with the Stars.’ Now the Grammy nominated artist is heading out for his ‘Rock This Country’ tour for a series of very special concerts. Book your Gavin DeGraw Allentown tickets and watch him headline an electric concert live.

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