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One of the oldest rock stars of the music industry, Phil Lesh is scheduled to perform live in a series of concerts! He is the greatest musician of all time and is also a founding member of the Grammy Award winning rock band, "Grateful Dead". He played bass guitar for almost 30 years with the other band members and has now gone solo. The band didn't last long but in their operating years, they were referred to as ‘The Greatest Artists of all Time’. The band was so famous that the fans used to travel from place to place just to be a part of their live concerts. These hardcore fans were known as the ‘Deadheads’.

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About Furthur Phil Lesh

With the band, ‘Grateful Dead’, Phil Lesh worked on round about 22 albums that were all very popular around the globe. Some of the smacking hit songs that Phil contributed in include, ‘Box of Rain’, ‘New Potato Caboose’, ‘Unbroken Chain’ and ‘Pride of Cucamonga’. In his school life, Phil was known for his violin and trumpet playing skills. His very first song as a professional band member was ‘I Know You Rider’. In the mid 60s Phil was referred to as the innovator as he developed a new role in electric bass. By giving a new dimension to bass guitar tunes, Phil Lesh has managed to raise his status in the industry quite amazingly.
Phil Lesh is a living legend and has taught music to many new born musicians of the industry. He has been a part of the industry for more than 50 years and his compositions and style of music is referred to as far beyond perfection. The artist is loaded with immense talent and has been experimenting with his music ever since he entered the music scene. He is now more famous for his rock band ‘Phil Lesh and Friends’. Under this band name, Phil Lesh has released three studio albums; ‘Love Will See You Through’, ‘There and Back Again’ and ‘Live At The Warfield’. Some of the top charting songs from the first album include, ‘Friend Of The Devil’, ‘Dancin' In The Street’ and ‘Good Sheppard’. Similarly the other albums also generated several popular songs.
Phil Lesh combines a mixture of rock genres in his compositions and ends up creating a masterpiece. Before Phil Lesh and Friends he did some associated work with the bands, ‘The Other Ones’ and ‘The Dead’. Currently he also plays and sings with the American rock band, ‘Furthur’. Phil's association with each band has given birth to a bunch of amazing tracks that will surely be remembered for a long time.
Phil Lesh has taken his coaching in music from some of the legendary musicians such as Luciano Berio and Bob Hansen. They taught him free jazz, classical, avant-garde and made him even more passionate about music. Despite the dismemberment of the band Grateful Dead, Phil Lesh still plays their music in his live shows. Everything from number one hits, to popular tracks as well as cover songs are part of his concerts.

Phil has worked with one of the biggest records labels of America, Columbia Records. Phil's chemistry with the former Grateful Dead band mate, Bob Weir is exceptional and has made the artist even more famous among the fans. Apart from that, Phil's association with the band ‘Furthur’ is also unmatchable. The band comprises of seven members including Phil Lesh as the bass guitarist and vocalist. The band is not that old in the industry but because of super talented musicians like Bob Weir and Phil Lesh, its status has gone quite high. Furthur is known for performing those songs of the Grateful Dead that the band has hardly performed in its overall career. One of the most popular songs includes, "Alice D. Millionaire".
Phil Lesh is a living legend of the music industry and has worked tirelessly in order to entertain his fans throughout the world. People from all over the world come to attend his sensational performances. Spread the word as the artist soon hits an arena in your city. Lesh will be performing in a series of live shows and like always his concerts are expected to be mind blowing. Tickets to the event are already selling like hot cakes, so if you don’t want to miss the opportunity of catching him live, then get your Phil Lesh Tickets now!

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