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Furthur emerged in the music industry as a rock band in 2009.  The formulation of this rock sensation is accredited to Bob Wier and Phil Lesh, the former members of the rock band ‘Grateful Dead’. Two years of its musical career, from inception to date, have proven to be phenomenal for the band, getting appreciation from people.

About Furthur New York Tickets Tickets

Furthur> being composed of six members, has John Kadlick of the Dark Star Orchestra on guitars, Joe Russo of the Benevento on Drums and Jeff Chimenti Of Rat Dog on Keyboards. Striving for perfection, the band has picked the best talent from the industry to play the instruments with precision. Being a recent addition to the rock genre of music, Furthur is in the process of earning recognition and building its fan base. With incredibly talented members known for amazing musical improvisations, the band is well equipped with the art of producing rock music at its best. Possessing remarkable potential, it is on the right way up the ladder of success earning admiration from people.

Since its inception, Furthur has been focusing on its live performances. The band appeared live for the first time at Fox Theatre in California (2009). To date it has toured many cities like San Francisco, Masontown and many more. This year around, it plans to tour the New York City. So people, here is the chance to witness exceptional rock music live! So rush off and buy your Furthur New York Tickets right now!

The rock sensation from California, Further will be performing live at New York’s Radio City, the Showplace of the Nation. The band, famous for its electrifying live performances is sure to take the east coast by storm with their hardcore rock music and exuberant chemistry with the audience, forcing them to get off their seats and sing along. Furthur Radio City Music Hall Tickets are out now and it’s your chance to have an amazing evening at the city landmark.


In their 2009, after their tour the same year, Phil Lesh and Bob Weir from The Dead announced the birth of Further, a band they formed with Joe Russo, John Kadlecik and Jeff Chimenti. Starting from their home town Oakland, the band had a series of brilliant gigs and 2 shows at the New Year as well.  The band, after such a huge success performing live, toured the entire America in the first quarter of 2010, winning the hearts of millions on the way. The best thing about this band is the theatrical performances on stage with different themes, from circus to Halloween. This year Further is having their best live performances to date, and the evening at the legendary Radio City should be top of the line. Purchase your Furthur Radio City Music Hall Tickets now, buckle up, and enjoy the ride!



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