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Jerry Garcia fans, the reincarnation of Grateful Dead, Furthur are in Mountain View. Hailing from San Francisco, California, the band plays great rock music. This year the band with its ever increasing popularity has planned to undertake several exciting performances.

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The band started when two former members of Grateful Dead, Bob Weir and Phil Lesh got together for a reunion in 2008. A year after, the two announced that they have formed Furthur. The band presently consists of, in addition to the two, John Kadlecik, Jeff Chimenti, Joe Russo, Sunshine Becker and Jeff Pehrson.


The band started off with performances in their home state of California. These performances were highly appreciated both by critics and fans, which encouraged them to tour all over America. In 2010, the band performed in three music festivals, namely Nateva Music & Camping Festival, the All Good Music Festival and the Gathering of the Vibes. All in all, Furthur performed total of 77 shows with 18 live rehearsals, in 2010.


The founding members of Furthur have remained true to their roots of Grateful Dead. They have maintained the originality of their music, which made them a worldwide phenomenon. The band plays the famous numbers of the Grateful Dead and yet keeps adding the fresh material to their ever increasing repertoire.


So while Jerry Garcia may be dead, Weir and Lesh are still very much alive and enthralling their fans with great music. Enjoy their performance by buying your Furthur Mountain View Tickets now!

In a far silicon valley of Mountain View, California, a beautiful outdoor venue is stranded known as Shoreline Amphitheatre which was built in 1986 by the city of Mountain View. The venue is one of the most celebrated events in California.
The Shoreline Amphitheatre features a structure tent over a stage, also fixed seats for people to move around or even dance the ground away. The venue could hold up to 22,000 people in reserved and unreserved lawn seats. The Shoreline Amphitheatre debuted in 1987 with a performance by The Grateful Dead.

Over the years many artists and bands have had their share of memories to cherish from through their performances at Shoreline Amphitheatre, such as The Dave Matthews Band, Anderson Bruford and many more. It features variety shows and music festivals such as "The Area One", "Ozzfest" and "Lollapalooza"; all are very successful events held at the Shoreline Amphitheatre.  This year the venue will be featuring a rock band formed by The Grateful Dead members called Furthur.

Furthur debuted in 2009, performing at a theatre in Oakland, California and different music festivals all over the United States. The band has given re-birth to the former Grateful Dead material which has never been heard before, such as the visible hit "Millionaire". They are well known for their exquisitely acoustic cover songs from bands such as Pink Floyd, the Clash, Bob Dylan, and also The Beatles. Get your Further at Shoreline Amphitheatre tickets now and have the time of your life!