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The talented duo of Furthur the band, Bob Weir and Phil Lesh are coming to perform in your city. Furthur Eugene tickets are selling like hot cakes as the fans are eager to watch them play live. It is an improvisational jam band that plays music particularly from the extensive song book of Grateful Dead and also its own music as well. Phil Lesh is a musician and one of the founders of the band Grateful Dead. He is known for his extraordinary musical skills in rock music. He redefined the bass sound and also heavily influenced the music genre of his former band, Grateful Dead. Bob Weir is also the former member of the band. Unfortunately, Grateful Dead could not work as a music group, so it disbanded. After dismissing the group in 1995, the two great musicians have been seen performing together in gigs and concerts as fans want to see the duo together as previously as well they have produced some amazing numbers.

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Furthur went on a tour in 2009 and the concert was a huge success. Following this they released a number of albums including Next Time West Coast, Grip Tape, Sometimes Chimes and Grimes Golden. Further kicked off an East Coast tour in 2011 and it gave a boost to the ensemble’s mainstream success. Furthur is coming to your city for a rocking concert. For our valued customers cheap Furthur Eugene tickets are available at prices unbelievably light on your pocket. Have a good time!

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