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Bob Weir is the founding member of psychedelic rock band “The Grateful Dead”. He is more often recognized for his unique rhythm guitar playing. His unique music style emerged over a period of time, especially taking inspiration from the emerging folk scene of the Bay Area. His unusual cadence was to stick out in the midst of well mastered guitar playing of Jerry Garcia and ingenious bass of Phil Lesh. The hybrid Psychedelic sound voyage of The Dead made room for Weir to brush up his craft as well. The continuous efforts of the band to come up with fresh improvisations led to his iconic guitar playing which is idolized by many to follow. 

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About Furthur Bob Weir

Bob Weir made his debut in the music world as the lead vocalist of “The Grateful Dead”. The band was formed in 1965 originally holding the title “Mother McCree's Uptown Jug Champions”. They soon decided to change the long alias for an edgier title like “The Warlock”. This attempt for a cooler disposition didn’t seem to do the trick, so they changed it again. This time they settled for “The Grateful Dead”, commonly referred to as “the Dead”. His bond with the band lasted for good thirty years and 130 successful albums. Most of these albums were live recordings of their concerts celebrating the electrifying energy of their music improvisations on stage. Their thirteen studio albums manifested their folk, rock, psychedelic, country, blues, bluegrass, jazz, space-rock and reggae inspirations fused together with eclectic influences.

Their thirty years in the rock music world had a huge impact on the entire music-scape making them the major trendsetters of the rock world. They won the reputation of “Pioneering Godfathers of the Jam Band World” for their ever popular live sessions. They are “One of the Greatest Rock Artists of All Time” by the Rolling Stone magazine. They also earned themselves a dedicated fan-base known as the deadheads. To deadhead’s disappointment, the band dissolved in the mid nineties right after Garcia’s death. This was the beginning of Bob Weir’s new endeavor ‘RatDog Revue’ in its full form. His focus remained the same; fusing country, rock and folk tunes together. Weir has been the lead vocalist of this band till date and his first album release was “Ace”. It came as a part of their deal with Warner Bros; giving them the opportunity to release their solo album. The other two members Garcia and Hart also released their records with Warner Brothers at that point.
Bob Weir’s album was an extension of already set musical standards by him. This musical act was well received, leading to a series of exciting albums. His next album as a solo artist was “Heaven Help the Fool” released in 1977. The album was yet again a reflection of his music as seen in the Grateful Dead. Bob Weir carried on the same musical inspiration to the next decade with rock and country music focused albums like “Bobby and the Midnites” and “Where the Beat Meets the Street”. The latter half of the eighties brought a hike in his popularity evidenced from his presence in various major music charts such as Billboard.

His association with the rock band “Kingfish” also churned out some real good rock music from his side. The band released their first album “Kingfishwith him in 1976. The album was followed by a live album of their concerts “Live 'n' Kickin'” in the eighties. Bob Weir’s final album release with Kingfish was more like a wrap up of the last millennium. For Bob Weir the 2000s were all about RatDog, one of his many side-projects. He still continues to perform as a RatDog. His live concerts are one of the most awaited events for the Deadheads. They have been following his music for past three decades and can still feel the power of strong music entwined with the folksy roots. Bob Weir will coming to your city this season with exciting numbers from the past and present. To be at his concert, order your Bob Weir tickets now!

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