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Bob Weir is an American psychedelic rock artist from San Francisco, California. He is best known as one of the founders of the famous rock band, the Grateful Dead. He is a vocalist and a musician who plays the guitar. He has been entertaining thousands since his premier onto the music scene back in the sixties. Since then, he has become a legend, a living legend who people still flock to see live, clutching Bob Weir tickets tightly in their hands.

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Bob Weir has had a very successful career as a member of the Grateful Dead as well as a successful solo career. His music has been released by labels such as Arista Records, Warner Bros Records and Grateful Dead’s own label. He has also worked with a number of other bands in the American music industry including Kingfish, The Other Ones, RatDog, Bobby and the Midnites, Furthur and The Dead. As a member of the Grateful Dead, he was a singer, a guitarist and a songwriter. Following the breakup of the band in 1995, he continued to perform with other members as The Other Ones and then as The Dead. He also went on to found his own bands including the Bob Weir Band and Furthur with Grateful Dead bassist Phil Lesh.

As a member of Grateful Dead, Bob Weir was renowned for his unique voice leading and his voice made up most of the band’s rock n’ roll songs, filled with an unusual depth. As a guitarist, he played the rythm guitarist primarily and even in this, he innovated, creating a new style of rhythm guitar expression. His passion for music began back in his childhood where, before the age of thirteen, he had already played the piano, the trumpet and had just begun plucking the guitar. At the age of sixteen, he met Jerry Garcia who was playing the banjo and then jammed with him. Soon after, they started a band, influenced particularly by the music of the iconic The Beatles.
The band Bob Weir founded with Jerry Garcia was initially known as Mother McCree’s Uptown Jug Champions. This was renamed to The Warlocks, in light of their shift to rock n’ roll and then to the Grateful Dead, a name which is synonymous with mind blowing music all over the world today. He would go on to become the lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist for its thirty years. During the seventies, he started experimenting with the guitar, this time with slide guitar techniques, influenced by many artists such as McCoy Tyner, Igor Stravinsky and Gary Davis. His use of periodic guitar moves became signature to live shows of the Grateful Dead, a moment that can be easily relived with access to cheap Bob Weir 3 Day Pass tickets.
His first solo album was released to the public in 1972 and was artfully titled as Ace. It featured the Grateful Dead as his backing band. During the eighties, he founded Bobby and the Midnites and then in the nineties, RatDog. In 1994, he received the highest possible honor in the world of rock n’ roll music; an induction into the fable The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Hard at work on his next music release, he is an artist who is best experience live via Bob Weir tickets for an example of what an inductee of The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and an icon sounds like. 

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