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Frightened Rabbit tickets bring the best live show of indie and alternative music this season. Lead by Scott and Grant Hutchison, Billy Kennedy, Gordon Skene and Andy Monaghan complete the lineup of this band. This four-piece band was formed in 2003 and from the hometown of Selkirk it came to Glasgow, Scotland. Dominated by guitar rock that is thoroughly emotional and Hutchison's crude yet energetic vocals; the band brings the most unfaltering indie songs. No wonder Freighted Rabbit is being tagged as an influential presence in the world of indie music as well as the most enlightening performers of the Scottish emo scene. Contemporaries of the band include names such as The Twilight Sad and We Were Promised Jetpacks; both of whom are big fans and followers of the band’s music.

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Frightened Rabbit

Events Venue Location Date Tickets
Frightened Rabbit Thalia Hall Chicago Friday
2/16/2018 8:00 PM
Frightened Rabbit Thalia Hall Chicago Saturday
2/17/2018 8:00 PM
Frightened Rabbit The Mod Club Theatre Toronto Sunday
2/18/2018 8:00 PM
Frightened Rabbit The Mod Club Theatre Toronto Monday
2/19/2018 8:00 PM
Frightened Rabbit The Sinclair Music Hall Cambridge Wednesday
2/21/2018 8:15 PM

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About Frightened Rabbit

The band’s renowned musical pieces include albums The Midnight Organ Fight (2008) and The Winter of Mixed Drinks (2010). They have proved groundbreaking in terms of the band’s musical career and fame. Winning huge critical and general acclaim these efforts have that made this band a marvel of indie rock and folk. The Hutchison brothers have been the foremost driving force and creative minds behind this band. Form their song writing to vocals and most importantly the charm of their presence, Frightened Rabbit is a big time Indie success. The band has been in a part of the alternative stream and underground music for almost a decade. However, the purity of their music and intensity f their play sets them a class apart.
The story of this band begins when Scott Hutchison inspired by his childhood anxiety and fear created a side project named Frightened Rabbit. Inspired by music and Grunge acts of the nineties, Nirvana, Jimmy Eat World and David Grohl’s Foo Fighters the boy began playing and learning the guitars. In parallel he engaged in penning the lyrics but keep them secretive unit he was comfortable with them and wanted to sing them out aloud. Frightened Rabbit became that opportunity and gave him to confidence to compose and sing his very first single. From 2003 to 2006 Hutchison remained rather subdued due to his shyness and anxiety. However, these three years were musically quiet productive as the brothers spent most time recording. Resultantly Sing the Grey’s surfaced in 2006. This album was an emotional reflection of Scott’s broken heart. The sad songs were successful at a small scale that made the brothers pursue it nothing more than a pastime.
Two years after the release of the debut album the band came out with their second effort. The Midnight Organ Fight (2008) was the album that escorted the band and its music to mainstream and international fronts. This album was far more stable emotionally and very aggressive in delivery. Their stance was a breath of fresh air and was able to win fans from outside the UK. The bands words and music were true and straight from the heart. Scott as the songwriter saw the applicability, appeal and relevance of his heart broken, feelings and confessions of failure as a common ground for everyone to come at. The success of these albums was due to hits Head Rolls Off, Fast Blood, I Feel Better and It's Christmas So We'll Stop.
The band’s first live album titled Quietly Now! was an amazing insight to the band’s live side. It had the live play of hit concert numbers from Midnight Organ Fight Live and Acoustic at the Captain's Rest. The band’s third effort in the row was an LP titled The Winter of Mixed Drinks (2010). This album was pivotal in bringing forth the band as fresh new, bigger and very much louder sounding outfit. This record was stupendous as the songs rode airwaves high and the band members were able to win considerable reputation for themselves and the band in the world of indie music. Once in the limelight the Rabbit wanted to hop higher and make bigger jumps. This meant more creativity, more sounds and a turn from the melodrama to the more promising and upbeat Frightened Rabbit. The two EP’s A Frightened Rabbit EP (2011) and State Hospital (2012) delivered the newfound optimism just right!
The band’s live side has grown tremendously over the past couple of years. From their shy boyish persona to the confident youth icons, the band has come a long way. To witness them perform with outmost confidence and zeal be a part of their concert tour. Cheap Frightened Rabbit tickets take you just there and give you more. Enjoy!

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