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An English punk band, Friendly Fires emerged in the music industry with a bang. Since its inception, in a few years time, the band has earned immense recognition for its phenomenal music. Its self titled debut album got shortlisted for a Mercury Prize in 2009. Encouraged by a positive response from the audience, Friendly Fires has released two albums so far, followed by a number of rocking performances, successfully building up on their fan base.

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About Friendly Fires

Friendly Fires started off their musical career in 2006. A group of high school students at the age of 14 got together for playing to the post hardcore genre and named their band ‘First Day Back’. Being composed of three members including, Ed Macfarlane, Jack Savidge and Edd Gibson, the band played with the same name for a considerable period of time. Upon leaving university, the members being inspired by the dance music and classical pop songwriting decided to take a new start. Being renamed as ‘Friendly Fires’, the band started playing to the genres of dance punk, alternative dance and shoe gaze. Getting admiration for its music, moving up the ladder of success, its first achievement was to become the first unsigned band to appear on Channel 4’s Transmission program. Since then, success came on rolling, earning admiration for its incredible music worldwide.
The music of Friendly Fires is greatly influenced by the German techno labels including Kompakt, Prince and Carl Craig. Being a perfect blend of pop and rock music, it has contributed to the music industry with various record-setting singles. Its self titled debut album featured a number of sound tracks that made a mark on the UK and Aria Albums Chart. Not only this, they were also honored to be selected for famous TV Shows. Its single ‘White Diamond’ featured in the second season of the American television series ‘Gossip Girl’. Furthermore, the song ‘On Board’ was chosen for the American Television Commercial of Ninetndo & Wii Fit and the track ‘Paris’ achieved ‘Single of The Week’ in The Guardian Newspaper. The incredible playlist doesn’t end here, other songs of the album such as ‘Skeleton Boy, ‘Kiss of life’,’Jump in the pool’ and the likes earned and maintained top positions at UK Singles Charts for a considerable period of time. The album itself got ranked at33rd position on the UK albums chart, where it remained amongst the Top 100 for four consecutive weeks. It was re-released in 2009 with the addition of some tracks which raised the ranking of the band among UK albums and Singles Charts. Apart from this, it got a double gold certification in UK and nominated the band for the Best Breakthrough Award at The South Bank Show and Best Dance Filler Show at the NME Awards.
The exceptional success of the debut album is quite a proof that the band surely has potential. ‘Friendly Fires’ is amongst the few bands of the music industry that has been consistent in terms of its composition of group members since inception. The band has the best in talent for vocals, keyboards and guitar. Ed Macfarlane’s ravishing vocals, in combination with the riveting guitar chords and the melodic keyboard notes create a unique sound of dance punk music exclusively distinguishable to the band Friendly Fires.
The band has recently come up with a new album ‘Pala’ featuring amazing sound tracks. The fast paced music of the album surely has the potential of getting it recognized with major music awards of the year. In line with its tradition of making extensive tours after the release of the album, Friendly Fires once again is all set for another rocking live performance. The band with the release of just a single album, has toured around the globe including UK, Europe, Japan, Canada, Australia, South America and Mexico. This time the excitement is even more. Friendly Fires is going to perform all its record setting debut album singles along with the new ones, all at one event! Excited already? So guys rush off and get your Friendly Fires Tickets before it’s too late!

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