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Notable for its hit singles such as Starring and Location, Freelance Whales hail from Queens, New York and have been taking over indie rock music scene like a storm. The group was formed back in 2008, and since then it has been able to grab quite a lot of attention on the mainstream music industry. By far the group has only released a total of two studio albums, and with them it has spawned hit singles that have embedded band’s status as a mainstream act. The group’s lineup comprises of the group’s lead vocalist and front man Judah Dadone, Chuck Criss, Doris Cellar, Kevin Read, and Jacob Hyman.

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About Freelance Whales

All of the band members found each either through friends of friends or through the Craigslist. Soon after its formation, the group came up with its debut studio release called Weathervanes. Most of the songs on group’s debut release were conceived and written by the lead vocalist of the group, Judah Dadone. Most of the songs on Weathervanes talked about his dreams as well as his childhood memories. The group takes its name from the freelancing culture of New York, as every other person in New York is providing freelancing service at some point.
Soon after its formation, Freelance Whales was seen performing live at various local venues as well as the Subway platforms all across the city of New York. By the late 2009, the group started garnering attention within the regional music scene and soon after it released its debut album independently. The group re-released the album on April 27, 2010 on its own record label Frenchkiss and Mom + Pop.
The Freelance Whales gave its first ever live performance at the Farm Colony at Staten Island in January 2009. For the rest of the year, the group was seen busking around at various subway platforms until it finally went on a U.S/Canada tour as an opening act for Fanfarlo, a band from London. After Freelance Whales tickets went on sales for the first time during its first national tour, the group kept on touring all across the country all through 2010 along with other bands including Cymbals Eat Guitars and Bear in Heaven. Also in the same, Freelance Whales also toured as an opening act for yet another indie band from Sweden, Shout Out Louds.
In addition to live concerts all across the nation, the group has also managed to break on to international music scene by releasing its debut international single in February 2010 in United Kingdom and by performing live in England as well. After playing dates in England, the band was also seen touring alongside Tokyo Police Club, an indie rock band from Canada. The group is also currently on a concert tour with The Naked and Famous and Foals, for which cheap Freelance Whales tickets are in stock.
A number of songs by Freelance Whales have also been featured on various occasions. The group’s song Generator ^ First Floor was featured on the fourth season’s first episode of a show on NBC called Chuck. The same song has also been featured for the advertisements of Chevy Volt in 2011 by Chevrolet. Twitter also used the same song in 2010 on one of their videos that featured an introduction to a new feature in Twitter’s user interface. A Hollywood Feature film titled LOL also made use of the group’s song titled Location, from its debut album while another of its songs of the same album titled Starring was also featured on another show called Grey’s Anatomy. Broken Horse is another one of the group’s hit song that was also featured on the show One Tree Hill. The group’s song Location was also featured on episode 1 of season 5 of a show called Skins.

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