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Those who have enjoyed their performances during the nineties should get set for yet another brilliant live performance by the alternative rock lovers, Foo Fighters. A staple of Seattle, the band fronted by Dave Grohl, the former member of Nirvana is on a tour yet again all set for a round of rocking performances. Catch the Foo Fighters in their upcoming concert and do not fight back your desire to get entertained by an enthralling performance. Foo Fighters have toured around the globe and have received love and adulation for their work everywhere. Now as they approach a venue near you make sure to act in time! So grab your Foo Fighters concert tickets asap.

About Foo Fighters

After the sad and unexpected demise of Nirvana member, Kurt Cobain the band soon broke up, hence halting all musical activity for the members. However, one particular Nirvana member did not lose spirits and set off on the road to fame all by himself. The man under discussion is none other than Dave Grohl, who after the subsequent breakup of the band moved out on his own. His efforts were not in vain as he resulted in the one man project, Foo Fighters. To Dave’s amazement his brain child, Foo Fighters did wonders for him, opening new channels and means of propelling him towards fame. Their self titled debut album came out in 1995 and contained hit singles, This Is A Call and Big Me. Foo Fighters planned and did extensive touring for the album’s success and the efforts all came to fruitation as the album was a super hit among music buffs near and far.
The band took its name from the UFOs along with many other aerial phenomena that were repeatedly reported during World War II, collectively called the Foo Fighters. Before the release of their debut album, Grohl was the only official member of the band who later took members Nate Mendel and drummer William Goldsmith, along with Pat Smith of Nirvana and completed the band’s line up. Before their second albums release Gold Smith left the band, following  Smear’s departure as well. Both the members were soon replaced by Taylor Hawkins and Franz Stahl, although Stahl was fired before the band began recording for their third album.  After the touring in 2006 and 2009 Smear officially joined the band again. Current members of the band include Dave Grohl, Chris Shiflett, Pat Smear, Nate Mendel and Taylor Hawkins.
Grohl started writing songs on his own while he was still in Nirvana. By the time Nirvana broke up Grohl had a solid back log of songs waiting to be sung. It was then that he assembled a new band altogether releasing the first album in 1995. The album and all the other subsequent albums did exceptionally well making the band gain recognition for their chart topping songs and albums. Their subsequent album, The Color and the Shape spawned hits like "My Hero" and "Monkey Wrench" The album did wonders for the band and established them as one of the most popular rock acts. Subsequent albums cemented the band’s image as the most popular bands of the decade. In total they have released seven albums, containing plenty of chart topping hit singles. Honed on tours with bands like Red Hot Chillie Peppers a touring act by the Foo Fighters must be seen to be believed.
Three of their albums have won Grammy Awards and six of them have been nominated for them. The albums for which they have awards include, There is Nothing Left to Lose, One By One, In Your Honour, and Echoes, Silence, Patience & Grace. Catch these alternative rock musicians in their upcoming concert and check out how they incorporate post grunge in their tunes. Relive the past with hits from their collection or experience some new tunes. Foo Fighters tickets are just a click away so book your deals now.


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Q:Can I get two tickets for the price of one for the Foo Fighters tour 2019?

A:We regret to inform you that we do not offer such a promotion. However, Foo Fighters tickets are available with us in a wide range of prices to choose from. So kindly head on to the event page and get the tickets most affordable for you.

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A:You can buy as many Foo Fighters tickets as you require but the price for an individual ticket will remain the same. Before the purchase, just enter your required quantity and get your tickets now before the show is sold out.

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A:Foo Fighters Tickets are now up for grabs on our website in a wide range of prices to choose from. Just visit the event page and browse the tickets and select the ones most affordable for you.

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A:Foo Fighters Tickets are now with us on our website. Kindly head on to the event page to know more about the tour schedule to book the tickets that are most convenient for you.

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