Foo Fighters Sunderland Tickets

Foo Fighters are one of the highest grossing rock bands in the world. With the release of their brand new album, Sonic Highways, they are all set to dazzle the crowd with their power packed performance. Get Foo Fighters Sunderland tickets  to listen to your favorite band’s latest songs live. The band will also be performing their all-time hits.

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About Foo Fighters Sunderland Tickets

Foo fighters always manage to thrill their audience with their sky high energy, strong vocals, and addictive music. Songs like “This is a call,” “Stranger things have happened,” “I’ll stick around” and “I should have known” make the crowd sing while pumping their fists along the beat. Their latest tracks such as “The feast and the famine,” “Something from nothing” and “I am a river” are also topping the charts around the world.

Foo Fighters’ concerts are full of fun for the fans. With images from their music videos blaring on screen and dazzling lights, the crowd is in for a rocking experience. The band further pleases the audience by extending the songs with lengthy instrumental sections, making them cheer louder.

Foo fighters have won numerous awards. These include eleven Grammy Awards for categories such as “Best rock performance” and “Best rock album,” three Kerrang Awards, two MTV Video Music Awards and the Radio Contraband Award for “Major label artist of the year.”

Come to the Stadium of Light, Sunderland and enjoy an exciting evening with your friends. Foo Fighters concerts should not be missed by rock music fans.


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