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When people found out that Nirvana would not be releasing anymore material, it was considered one of the greatest losses to rock music in history. However, only a few months later, Dave Grohl formed the Foo Fighters and the world gained one of the greatest bands to have come out of the music industry in a long time.

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The Foo Fighters were created in 1994 and had to pass insurmountable odds to reach their current standing in the industry. They have released eight albums to date, with their self titled first album being released in 1995. It managed to get to number 23 on the Billboard charts and was certified platinum.  


The Foo Fighters completely changed the music landscape with their unique sound. They became famous quite quickly as millions of fans all over the world showed their appreciation for their blend of punk, soft and pop rock music.


The Foo Fighters have pushed the envelope further than ever before from the very beginning and continue to work by their own rules. Having sold millions of albums all across the globe and several live tours scheduled in the future, this is one band that isn’t yet ready to pack up and ride into the sunset. They have hit the road once again and will be coming to an arena near you soon. Grab your Foo Fighters Englewood tickets and watch them live at the Fiddlers Green Amphitheatre.


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