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The Murrayfield Stadium in Edinburgh is preparing to host an upcoming concert that will feature the Grammy winning group, Foo Fighters. The band will be performing live in support of its latest album ‘Sonic Highways’. One of the biggest rock shows of the year will present hits from the chart-topping album that has already sold 394,000 copies in the US alone. Apart from making its way to numerous charts in the US, UK, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, France, Germany, New Zealand, Norway, Spain and Sweden, the record has produced four top 10 UK Rock singles. To listen to your favorite hits from the album, reserve a place for yourself at the concert.

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About Foo Fighters Edinburgh Tickets

Foo Fighters is a Seattle based rock group that was formed in 1994 after Nirvana disbanded following the death of its lead singer, Kurt Cobain. Nirvana’s drummer, Dave Gorhl decided to perform as a solo act and came forth with his debut record in 1995. In order to keep some form of anonymity, Dave decided to adopt the name Foo Fighters, taking inspiration from a similar term used during the Second World War. In just a year’s time, Dave decided to turn the solo act into a full-fledged rock band. He recruited William Goldsmith, Nate Mendel and Pat Smear and made its first public appearance on 23rd February, 1995. Since then the group has been performing and composing actively and is ranked amongst the bestselling rock bands of today. Buy Foo Fighters Edinburgh tickets to watch the band perform live.


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