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Florence and the Machine, the band which produces a combination of rock, soul and pop music genres, came into existence in 2007. It is led by the English musician Florence Welch who received praise and appreciation all over the world soon after the band emerged in the music industry. Florence grew up in South London in 1986 in a highly educated family. She joined a music school, paying all her attention to learn music. Since childhood she has been suffering from insomnia, depression along with dysmetria and dyslexia. She experiences extreme emotions, either she’s very happy or very sad. Her highly emotional nature makes her very creative. She always found herself obsessed with music and any music which stirred something inside her became an inspiration for her.

About Florence And The Machine

During her childhood Florence had decided that she will pursue music as a career but didn’t know how. Singing at home, in her bedroom and writing songs in early teens reflect her passion for music. By singing at the pubs and in small crowds on various occasions, she made her place with her own efforts. Having faith in herself, she experimented with the instruments she didn’t even know how to play and made her own tunes. The extreme passion and tremendous work led her to flourish as Florence and the Machine in 2007.

Florence and the Machine
consists of 6 band members. The debut album titled as ‘Lungs’ was released in 2009 with Island Records and is the only studio album released by the band to date. The release of this album gave her instant popularity as it smashed the UK chart at #1 and sold 100,000 copies within 1 month. It got various peak positions in many countries simultaneously. 6 singles from this album came out as hit singles and many of her songs were used in TV series, movies and were featured at numerous occasions. The seventh single ‘Comic Love’ from her album appeared on many TV shows including Gossip Girl, The Vampire Diaries, So You Think You Can Dance and Grey’s Anatomy. After the very successful release of ‘Lungs’, she released the singles including Candi Staton, Drumming Song, You’ve Got the Love and few others. Apart from these, she has released two extended plays and eight music videos.

Florence and the Machine has received many awards and Florence also performed at the 53rd Grammy Award ceremony. She toured many countries as a solo artist as well as a part of the group. She loves to perform in a distinctive way every time. Each of her performance is different from the previous one. The open and fearless artist passes judgments about herself in front of the people and loves to be authentic in her songs as well as in what she says. Most of her songs are self-written and she prefers to write only what she wants and whatever comes to her mind. She wants others to feel things the way she does and expresses it through her songs. Florence says that she feels things very deeply and puts then in words in an intense way. Most of her songs are related to love, sex, death and emotions. The contradictory artist narrates that her songs are honest and follow a simple rule: ‘everything is about boys’. The lyrics of her songs include the fairytale flights of fantasy and Gothic imagery. Critics say some of her lyrics are simply crazy, but she describes them as emotive and to her are truly authentic.

The very talented and young artist Florence Welch has some exceptional talent which makes her produce the magical songs. The very unique artist has captured millions of fans all over the world. You must listen to her live to see the dramatic performance. Get your Florence and the Machine Tickets now!

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