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The septet post grunge band, Flogging Molly, is coming home with performances worth remembering. They have created an interesting mix of Irish tunes with punk reviving punk and traditional Irish music. This post grunge band started in 1997 and is going strong with its amazingly creative members Dave Kin, Dennis Casey, Bob Schmidt, Matt Hensley, Bridget Regan, Nathen Maxwell and George Schwindt. They are currently signed by the recording label Side One Dummy Records and have released their latest album Speed of Darkness. The album is already getting quite popular with its amazing single Don't Shut 'Em Down.

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The band is focused on Celtic Punk and folk, inspired from artists like The Dubliners, Johnny Cash, The Clash, The Pogues and Horslips. They are often compared to their favorite band the Pogues along with traditional Irish band Black 47. The band has released five albums; Swagger, Drunken Lullabies, Within a Mile of Home, Float and Sound of Darkness. They have been successful in creating a number of punk singles. Their most popular singles till date have been Salty Dog, Drunken Lullabies, The Seven Deadly Sins, Float, Requiem For a Dying Song, The Lightning Storm, Punch Drunk Grinning Soul and Don't Shut 'Em Down. The band has this playful, young energy in their songs that make them extremely popular. They are ready to shake up their home town with the best of their music. You can catch them performing at the Las Vegas Strip with our Flogging Molly Las Vegas Tickets.

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