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Evolution is the mantra the rise of the sensational rock band Five Finger Death Punch is based on. The band has certainly made its mark on the music scene and created a place that is all their own in just seven years to become the heartbeat of millions around the world. Since its inception they have made sure their music keeps on evolving to stay at the top of the musical food chain. Five Finger Death Punch tickets are available for rock fans as an invitation to one awesome adrenaline pumping party.

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Five Finger Death Punch

Events Venue Location Date Tickets
Five Finger Death Punch Barclaycard Arena - Hamburg Hamburg Tuesday
11/21/2017 7:00 PM
Five Finger Death Punch Konig Pilsener Arena Oberhausen Friday
11/24/2017 7:00 PM
Five Finger Death Punch Kleine Olympiahalle - Munich München Wednesday
11/29/2017 7:00 PM
Five Finger Death Punch Schleyerhalle Stuttgart Saturday
12/2/2017 7:00 PM
Five Finger Death Punch Festhalle - Frankfurt Frankfurt am Main Wednesday
12/6/2017 7:00 PM

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Five Finger Death Punch Oberhausen TicketsFive Finger Death Punch Stuttgart Tickets

About Five Finger Death Punch

2005 was the year of the incarnation of Five Finger Death Punch when Zoltan Bathory (bassist) teamed up with Jeremy Spencer (drummer) to start the group. After going through a lot of suggestions when it came to naming the group they eventually settled on Five Finger Death Punch, an ancient martial arts technique. Matt Snell was then invited to come onboard in the early days of 2006 and when Ivan Moody hopped on later that year, the band’s line-up was completed. They started initiating recording sessions at their base in LA. Before the year drew to a close they had created their debut album titled The Way of the Fist. That album was produced by the Five Finger Death Punch themselves that allowed the group to produce the kind of music they wanted. Soon afterward the recording of the album was done they were signed by Firm Music and released an EP titled Pre-Emptive Strike on 10th July, 2007. They followed it up with the release of The Way of the Fist on 31st July, 2007 which has now been certified as Gold by the RIAA. The release of the album was followed by multiple tours that helped increased the band’s profile and took them to the masses. The album was then released again on 13th May, 2008 after the addition of three new songs.
Five Finger Death Punch reached a pretty big professional milestone when they were invited as one of the bands to highlight the inaugural edition of the Mayhem Festival in 2008. The group then announced their next album titled War is the Answer in May, 2009. The album was produced by Kevin Churko and the sound was more dynamic, more melodious and at the same time harder than their first album. The album went to the top spots on various charts to become a major craze. For the promotion of that album, the group went on to another tour around the country where fans bought Five Finger Death Punch tickets and sold-out arenas everywhere. The music and the craze that the Five Finger Death Punch was had well and truly caught up with the masses by that time. Their music and sound gave hard rock a different dimension and launched it way beyond the conventional boundaries.
After headlining various tours solely and jointly with some of the biggest names in music they settled down to work on their next album. After spending hours in the recording studio the album titled American Capitalist hit the music stores everywhere on 11th October, 2011. It was a bigger hit than the previous two albums and went on to sell over ninety thousand copies in the first week alone. The album is another example on constant evolution of the music generated by Five Finger Death Punch that has now evolved into a more complete, dark but melodious sound.
Five Finger Death Punch has come a long way since being formed just seven years ago and to achieve what they have is a true testament to their ability as a band. Their knack of moving with the times while keeping intact the core of what their music has always been about has shone through in everything they have done. The numerous tours and headlining performances at some of the biggest stages in the world have turned them into brilliant live performers. Fans of the band and rock fans in general can do a lot worse than buying cheap Five Finger Death Punch tickets to witness the genre at its adrenaline pumping, heart pumping, head banging best.

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