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The moment Fiona Apple first stepped out with her debut album she seemed preordained to win critical and commercial success. The jazz and alternative rock singer swept everyone off their feet and reached the pinnacle of fame and achieved what people only hope to achieve in a lifetime. Fiona Apple Kansas City is definitely one of her much awaited concerts. Fiona Apple is an American singer, songwriter and a pianist who shot to fame in 1996 with the release of Tidal, her debut album. When the Pawn, Extraordinary Machine and the Idler Wheel are other hit albums produced by the singer. She may not have a mellifluous voice, it is rather raspy and that is what makes her distinctive. Her song Criminal is another highlight of her career which helped her garner a Grammy Award for the Best Female Rock Vocal Performance in 1998. For all the rock fans Fiona Apple Kansas City tickets will help you gain an access to one of the most electrifying rock performances of this year.

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Fiona Apple’s music is reflective of the fact that she is not a follower but a leader and her lyrics are a gateway to her mind. There are no gimmicks everything about her music is raw which is what her fans have an utmost admiration for. Tidal did wonders for the singer as it produced some of the major hits like; Criminal, Shadow Boxer, Sleep to Dream, and Never Is a Promise. It was also certified three times Platinum in the U.S and won her an MTV Video Music Award. Later, When The Pawn, Extraordinary Machine and The Idler Wheel came out in 1999, 2005 and 2012 respectively. Fiona Apple has collaborated with Johnny Cash, Margaret Cho, Christophe Deluy and Nickel Creek. Buy cheap Fiona Apple Kansas City tickets to witness the creative genius live in concert!