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They say that having an apple a day keeps the doctor away. However, having Fiona Apple everyday will kick that duplicitous doctor's behind back to his drug rep for good. Rather than being a genetically modified apple hybrid being peddled by Monsanto, she is the quixotically melancholic songstress that has been seducing listeners everywhere with her powerful vocals since the mid-nineties. Secure some cheap Fiona Apple Holyoke tickets now to experience a remedial release.

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Most rock vocalists attempt to generate a faux angst so as to cater to the genre's listeners' expectations. However, Fiona Apple evokes emotions through her stark vocals by digging into her tragic childhood that was marred by a rape ordeal right in the hallway of her apartment building.
Not one to hold back on her anguish and contain it in, Fiona let loose her stormy vibes via her debut album Tidal in 1996 and then expressed her belting prowess by dealing out a bout of her punchy vocals in 1999's When the Pawn…, firing up the Extraordinary Machine in 2005. She will surely be setting the scene ablaze at the Fiona Apple Holyoke happening.
Stealing a Grammy win with her single "Criminal" for Best Female Rock Vocal Performance in 1998 and then getting a trifecta of Grammy nods, including "Best New Artist", Fiona Apple has three top-twenty Billboard 200 albums, and a quartet of platinum certifications. She will surely make you forego "Sleep to Dream" at the Fiona Apple Holyoke gig. So bite off some Fiona Apple Holyoke tickets for a melodious munch.