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Punk rock has come a long way since its inception and has now developed the mainstream popularity that eluded the genre in its early years. One of the bands leading this punk invasion of the music industry has been the Fall Out Boy. Among the leading rock bands of the last decade, the group is followed by millions across the globe. They are now under the limelight once again and are expected to make it back to the top of the music charts in no time.

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Coming together

The band was incepted in 2001 by two friends who had been part of the underground punk music world for quite some time. Later Pete Wentz (lyrics, bass) and Joe Trohman (guitar) also brought in Patrick Stump (vocals, composition) and Andy Hurley (drums) to complete the lineup. The group released their first album, “Take This to Your Grave” in 2003 and that was the start of their journey to the summit.

Looking ahead

Their debut release was very well received and was certified gold in the US. However, it was the release of “From Under the Cork Tree” in 2005 and its follow-up “Infinity on High” in 2007, that truly put them on the map. Both recorded multi platinum sales and made it into the top ten of the Billboard charts, with the later making it all the way to number one.

They are now heading out on tour and will soon make their way to you. Book your Fall Out Boy Colorado Springs tickets and watch these incredibly talented stars hit the stage live at the World Arena.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q:Will I be able to buy fall out boy colorado springs tickets on the day of the concert?

A:The Fall Out Boy Colorado Springs Tickets are being offered by our brokers on first come first serve basis so it is always recommended to get your tickets as soon as possible. Delaying your purchase might result in you missing the event since tickets might be sold-out by the time you decide to buy them.

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