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Four interesting facts about Fall Out Boy that you need to know

One of the leading pop punk and alternative rock bands in the contemporary music industry, Fall Out Boy rose to the forefront of the music landscape during the 2000’s. A fixture on the Billboard charts with three chart-topping albums under their belt, this act is among the more recognized groups in the music industry. Their album, American Beauty/ American Psycho made headlines by topping the charts and yielding such hit singles as “Immortals” and “Centuries.” Here a few lesser known facts about the band which die-hard fans might appreciate.

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About Fall Out Boy Charlottesville Tickets

Record-holders: Fall Out Boy’s frontman Pete Wentz and Patrick Stump hold the record for most interviews given in a twenty-four hour period. With a whopping seventy-two chats conducted in that time, it’s an accomplishment that these members hold dear.

Opening gig: The band’s first concert was in a cafeteria in De Paul University where they opened for a Black Sabbath cover band that played the legend’s self-titled album in its entirety.

Biggest influences: The band claims to draw their inspiration from the recognized emo act, Get Up Kids. For their chart-topping effort, Save Rock and Roll, they were inspired by Daft Punk to release an accompanying video series.

Emo band or not: Fall Out Boy are often referred to as emo band and they don’t seem to mind that label. According to guitarist Joe Trohman, “however people need to box us in is fine, but I don’t think we sound anything like Promise Ring or other emo bands.”

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