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For The Washington Post “Explosions is one of the best bands. It is an "instrumental group out of Austin that has inspired a nationwide cult following.” Classified as an instrumental post-rock band, Explosions in the Sky hail from Austin, Texas. The band consists of Michael James (electric and bass guitar), Mark Smith (guitar), Munaf Rayani (guitar) and Chris Hrasky (drums). The band’s music which veers between ethereal and triumphant and is generally orchestral in scope, however, could not be easily defined. They have often been compared with bands like Mogwai and Sigur Ros. Although, generally considered by critics as a post-rock band, Rayani, a band member, has often refused this label and has preferred to be called a rock band, instead.

About Explosions In The Sky

The band, be it post-rock or just rock, is known for their emotional and enthusiastic live concerts, cinematic guitar work, and what they describe as “cathartic mini-symphonies.” They started off in 1999 and were known as Breaker Morant, but later became Explosions in the Sky when drummer Hrasky made a comment as they walked out of a radio station after recording their first track, “Remember Me as a Time of Day.”
In 2000, they released their debut album, How Strange, Innocence. The album was distributed locally and its rehearsal footage was featured on a short film Cicadas. It later won an Austin Film Festival Award. The album helped Explosions establish themselves as one of the music giants of Texas and won them a record deal with Temporary Residence Limited, as well.
Their second album, Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Die, Those Who Tell The Truth Shall Live Forever, was released in 2001. The album itself and especially its last song, “This Plane Will Crash Tomorrow”, stirred some serious controversy since it was allegedly released a day before September 11, 2001. It later transpired that the controversy was a product of a misunderstanding and the hullabaloo settled down as the band members cleared the air.
In 2003, Explosions in the Sky released their third album, The earth Is Not a Cold Dead Place. It took The Rescue, their fourth album, just two more years to be released. All of a Sudden I Miss Everyone was released in 2007 and their latest album, Take Care, Take Care, Take Care, was released in 2011. Cole Zercoe, a music critic, has this to say about the band’s latest album and its singles: “And then there’s “Trembling Hands,” the album’s lead single and one of the strongest songs the band has created in some time. There’s a terrific sense of immediacy to it that we’ve never quite heard from these guys before.”
The band’s music is also popular amongst the television and movie viewers and even some famous Hollywood directors have made use of their unique music in their movies. Michael Moore’s Capitalism: A Love Story, features the band’s song “The Only Moment We Were Alone”, in it. Another single, “First Breath After Coma”, has featured in Steve Hwang’s documentary Focus. “Catastrophe and the Cure”, has featured in Get Collins and Kaboom. A sports documentary series, 24/7 Mayweather vs. De La Hoya, has the Explosions single, “Six Days at the Bottom of the Ocean”, in it. Further, their music has featured in PBS documentary, The Street Stops Here, a BBC documentary, Lost Land of the Jaguar, The Diving Bell and the Butterfly, Love the Beast, One Tree Hill, Shopgirl, and All the Real Girls. The band also wrote part of the soundtrack of Friday Night Lights, a Peter Berg film, which was an instant hit amongst America’s college fraternities. It is no wonder than that Explosions are a big name amongst frat boys as well!   
Gretchen Palek, who works for the Discovery Channel and who is one of the many admirers of the Explosions, skipped a wedding in Denver, so that she could be at the band’s concert at Manhattan’s Bowery Ballroom. She said, “I carried [my tickets] with me everywhere I went, because I was just so afraid something would happen. When I saw them live, it was like a life-changing experience.” So why not be a part of this “life-changing experience” by buying Explosions in the Sky Tickets now!

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