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Elvis Costello born in 1954 is a songwriter and singer from London. He started his career by playing in small pubs in London in the beginning on 1970s. The vocabulary that he uses in his songs is much wider than that of any other famous songs by his peers. His music contains various genres and pop is one of them. He has won a number of awards throughout his career such as the Grammy Award. He has been nominated two times for the Brit Award. His father Ross MacManus was a band leader and a musician having an Irish ancestry. Costello made his first recording with his father for a TV ad, I'm a Secret Lemonade Drinker for R. White's Lemonade. The song for the commercial was written by his father and Elvis provided the backing vocals. A Silver Award was won by the advertisement in 1974 at the International Advertising Festival. Elvis Costello The Imposters tickets have been selling fast as soon as he announced his tour in the country and fans are anticipating the concerts.

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About Elvis Costello The Imposters

The first band by Costello was formed in 1971 when he moved to Birkenhead with his mother. This was a folk duo music group named Rusty. He finished his secondary school, moved to London and there he formed another group and called it Flip City. This band was active for just two years from 1974 to 1976. During the same time, Costello was given the stage name of D.P. Costello. Elvis once said it in an interview that he took up this name to give tribute to Day Costello, a name under which his father performed.
Costello came up with his first single ‘Less Than Zero’ in March 1977. After two months, My Aim Is True being his debut album was released. As Costello appeared on its cover, wearing oversized glasses and resembling a little bit with Buddy Holly, it later became his trademark. The records started distributing in the U.K. and were exported to U.S.A. Clover, an American West Coast music group provided the backing for his debut record. Costello created his own music band called The Attractions in 1977. The band consisted of the members named Steve Nieve, Pete Thomas (drums), and Bruce Thomas (bass guitar).
Costello came up with his first key hit single, titled Watching the Detectives, which he recorded with Nieve, Andrew Bodnar (bass), and Steve Goulding (drums). However, the band split in 1986 due to the antipathy between Bruce Thomas and Costello. In spite of all the rifts between the group members, they reunited in 1994 to release their record Brutal Youth while touring for the coming two years. In 1996, the band split again and this time for good. Pete Thomas and Nieve still take part in certain tours with Costello and are members of The Imposters, his backing group.
In 1977, The Attractions made a musical guest appearance on a show Saturday Night Live. Costello is a passionate country musician and claims George Jones as his favorite singer in the genre. He has also appeared in ‘My Very Special Guests’, which was Jones’ duet record. He came up with his third record Armed Forces, in 1979. The album produced a single hit Oliver’s Army and reached number two in United Kingdom. The opening song Accidents Will Happen obtained a vast TV exposure.
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