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El Ten Eleven is a rock band based in Los Angeles, California. Their style of rock music is completely different to the one commonly found on the charts, as they do a lot of experimental sounds that have given them a unique edge. Their genre has thus been specified as being post rock, and they are widely classified as being an indie rock band since they perform without a major label. The experiments with instruments and sound that they have become known for are a double necked bass guitar in their live shows, or one without frets. They also incorporate heavy looping into their music and play electric drums in their live shows. Moreover, they have also effectively used the loop pedal and amps to create an even more interesting tone, all of which combines to give them their signature sound. Not many bands are willing to take the risks that they do in their instrumentation. Thus the work that they produce stands out from the manufactured work of the artists on the charts who prefer a clear cut production.

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The band has released five albums on their own. Indie magazines and music critics in general have praised them all, applauding the group for trying something new. The band continues to perform live shows around the country. El Ten Eleven Evanston tickets will allow you to witness their talents in person. The band was originally put together in 2002 by the two people, who remain the primary members to this date. These were Tim Fogarty, the drummer and Kristian Dunn, the composer, who was also a bass player at the time. They had previously jammed together and had performed experimental music live as well when they were part of another band. Both artists shared the same enthusiasm in creating new sounds and trying out unique ways to play instruments.

In 2004, they released their first self titled album. The name of their group comes from “Lockheed L-1011 TriStar” which is an airplane. The album was released through “Fake Record Label” and rereleased through “Bar/None Records” in 2005. The initial reviews were largely positive and every writer talked of how their sound was a breath of fresh air, in a time of music dominated by the same form of production. Their music was labeled as being atmospheric with the ability to fill an arena if they wished. In the early days, their style was often compared to “Calexico” or other Americana bands of similar nature such as “The Court and Spark”. Still, what set them apart was that their music was more organic than and not as electronic as those of the ones mentioned above. Even with the experimental element, they manage to sound grounded and not too electronic.

Amongst one of the techniques they use in their live shows that the people with El Ten Eleven Evanston tickets will be treated to is their way of playing a double necked bass in which Kristian strums the top neck and Fogarty used his drumsticks to create rhythmic beats. Techniques like these allow them to use as few musicians as possible, while still not compromising the wholeness of sound. Their instrumental work has thus been labeled as being inspirational and skillful. Their music has been featured in film and television as well. In the 2007 film Helvetica, most of the music used was either composed by Dunn or was the ones performed by the two as a duo. This was the same year that they released their follow up album. To promote their new effort, they even shot a music video which was directed by Adam Hauck. They later on released the album in Japan as well, making this their first international release. They even put up their music online, in such as way that the listeners were free to give as much money as they liked for the song, or none at all if they so wished. The only other band to have given this option was Radiohead.

The band is now on its fifth studio record, “Transitions” which was released in late 2012. After performing a series of shows in their hometown of California, they have now headed out to the rest of the country for promotional work. Their music has not stopped being innovative and the two still continue to look for new ways to create eccentric tunes.