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The collective Reggae outfit Easy Star All-Stars is a band of vocalists and music players founded in 2003. Easy Star records scouted the talented lineup to come together as a touring band with a rotating roaster. With almost a decade of covering one of the most exuberant masterpieces of rock, pop, rock and roll and punk music in Reggae style; the band has celebrated the greatest classics of all time. Its original efforts have been presented came recently and has proven to offer some of the most interesting music of the new millennium.

About Easy Star All Stars Tickets

Today Easy Star All-Stars stands tall and stronger than before. With its initial core line-up intact the roster comprises of vocalists Joanne Williams, Kirsty Rock and Menny More as DJ vocalist. Ras I Ray plays bass, Elenna Canlas plays keyboards, Shelton Garner, Jr. is on guitars. Drummers Ive-09 and Cliff Simpson perform alternately while Jenny Hill plays the saxophone/flute and Buford O'Sullivan is the trombone player. Originally this outfit was created to act as studio band in 1997. Its main priority was to sing the word best known and loved music in that way earn commercial support for Easy Star Records. However, apart from serving the main purpose the band was able to bag much more recognition and success than anticipated.
Easy Star All-Stars sang beautifully to hits in their very own music in their own style. However, the songs sung by the band were an entity that carried a very vivid character, identity as well as history. Pink Floyd’s best known album The Dark Side of the Moon, Radiohead's monster hit OK Computer, The Beatles' classic Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band and Michael Jackson’s Thriller are albums covered by the band. It appears that songs on these albums found another sanctuary in the band’s vocals and music play. The idea of re-singing and releasing renowned hit songs, so near and dear to fans was quiet risky. Also the incarnation of songs in a new devious genre was vocally, technically and musically challenging and did not assure commercial success. Nonetheless All-Stars worked hard and made everything they reproduced sound like it was meant for karma in dub and reggae. And viola! The band was a sensational on the international music scene; unparalleled in every way they were loved by public as well as critics.
With most of its lineup coming off from Jamaica and the United States, this Reggae collective bought forth musicians and singers from various live performing backgrounds. Their experience therefore proved conducive in forming the band as a live touring one with a rotating roster. Overtime their recording label earned surety of the success of their original work and supported them further to bring forward their very first EP in 2008 titled Until That Day. Three years later the band released their debut original album in 2011 First Light. In a span of a decade the band’s four cover albums mainly Dub Side of the Moon in 2003, Radiodread in 2006, Easy Star's Lonely Hearts Dub Band in 2009, a remix album Dubber Side of the Moon in 2010 and Thrillarh in 2012. Al these were best-selling tribute album releases in their respective years.
After the hit of the first three a albums the band became associated with other artists and backed them in numerous collaborations. This allowed them to step beyond covers and tributes and work on their original releases. However, the band attributes most of its acclaim for covering best known popular albums in a reggae and dub interpretation. Music in the hands of Easy Star All-Stars has always been a rewarding experience for fans. They have creatively combined versatility of vocals, instrumental expertise and play of most melodious harmonies. The result has always been a superb rhythm that can only be associated with the band. The band has intelligently made music and climbed up in mainstream music to be tagged as a top international reggae act. It is still growing musically and enjoys wonderful fan following all over the world.
Having toured thirty countries across the world, averaging hundred shows annually the band returns this year to sing Jackson’s most loved Be Startin' Somethin' and Beat It. Fans awaiting the promotional/ support show for Thrillah can see them maneuver pop into reggae first time. Allow yourselves to see them perform live with Easy Star All-Stars tickets. Cheap Easy Star All-Stars tickets are hard to find, so early booking early is advised.

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