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Dirty Projectors is an American indie rock band from Brooklyn, New York. The band has recorded multiple albums and has a considerably large fan base. It has recently released a new album and is now going on tour to support the album. It will be playing all over America and tickets for their shows are now up for grabs. The band was the brainchild of David Longstreth. Longstreth was a student at Yale, but dropped out in favor of pursuing a career in music. Being a multi-instrumentalist musician, he released an album in 2002 as a solo artist. The album contained a refreshing blend of music that had compelling song-writing and musical arrangements. It was also produced very innovatively, with a combination of high-quality and low-quality techniques. The latter were used deliberately to create a clever mix of sounds.

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About Dirty Projectors

Not long after the release of his debut solo effort, Longstreth decided to form a band. He named the band Dirty Projectors and released a new album under the band’s name. The album was titled the Glad Fact and was released in 2003. The album caught a lot of attention among critics, music fans and casual observers alike. It caught the attention of music fans and critics for its unique music and sound. Critics praised the thematic elements of the band’s music as well as Longstreth’s vocals and musical arrangements. The music taste-maker website Pitchfork gave the album a glowing review and called Longstreth an unhinged genius. This boosted the band’s profile and exposed it to a larger audience.
The reaction from music fans was also positive, with Longstreth’s vocals being a favorite for many. Casual observers noticed the album for its provocative album cover, which featured a crude sketch of a completely naked man. Having impressed critics and gained a following, the band set out to tour the country. It did so continuously and relentlessly and soon became an indie sensation on the rise.
In 2005, the Dirty Projectors released their follow-up album, with was titled The Getty Address. This was a concept album and marked a shift in the band’s sound, making it its first attempt at experimentation. The change sound was due to an extensive use of orchestral compositions and instrumentation. The band’s next release, the New Attitude EP, was released in 2006. It saw yet another change, as it featured music that was much more crude and “stripped-down.”
The band continued to experiment with their sound with the release of their 2007 album Rise Above. The album was a collection of songs by the hardcore punk band Black Flag. The songs were covered and musically re-interpreted by the Dirty Projectors. The album also marked the first time there was juxtaposition between the band’s main vocalists. At the time, these vocalists were Longstreth, Amber Coffman and Susanna Waiche. As part of the promotion for the album, the Dirty Projectors were filmed performing a short acoustic session by French filmmaker Vincent Moon.
The band’s line-up has changed a lot during the years, with only Longstreth as a constant member. The band is essentially his project, as he is the principal song-writer and composer. Apart from being responsible for the musical direction of the band, Longstreth is also the lead singer and guitarist.  However, Longstreth works with many musicians and hires a consistent group of performers to tour with. The other current members of the band include Amber Coffman, who performs back-up vocals and accompanies Longstreth on guitar. Joining her on vocals is Haley Dekle and Olga Bell. Bell also plays keyboards. Bass guitar is played by Nat Baldwin and the drums are played by Michael Johnson. The list of former members of the Dirty Projectors is very large. It includes the likes of Vampire Weedkend’s Ezra Koenig and Rostam Batmanglij, Adam Forkner and Angel Deradoorian.
By now, the Dirty Projectors have released seven full-length albums and have a large, devoted following. They have collaborated with the likes of David Byrne and Björk. Their live shows are exciting, unpredictable and eccentric and are a major audience-draw. The shows during their current tour are likely to be no exception. Dirty Projectors tickets are sure to be in high demand as fans clamor for a chance to watch the band perform live. These fans shall be happy to know that cheap Dirty Projectors tickets are now available. So, if you are a fan or someone who likes refreshingly original music, a live performance of the Dirty Projectors is an absolute must watch.

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