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Dinosaur Jr. is an alternative stream name that emerged in the eighties that continues to enthrall alternative music fans to date. Alongside the happening popular music of the mainstream in the eighties; this band made indie music very much a sensation. Attributed to the signature lead guitar predominance their alternative rock was nothing less than monumental. Their youth connected with their grungy attire and that act also inspired contemporaries to mould and shape their stance. The band  led others from the creed like The Pixies to fall for their loud guitar noise. They can be held responsible to the high hitting characteristic riffs of indie music prevalent till the mid nineties.

About Dinosaur Jr

Dinosaur Jr. currently stand as a trio that consist of original members J Mascis the vocalist and songwriter, Lou Barlow on the leads and Emmett Patrick Murphy or Murph on the drums. The idea and play of a hardcore punk band Deep Wound brought Mascis and Barlow together. Together they disbanded once for Deep Wound and next time for Mogo, coming together. Inspired by metal oriented heavy rock sound acts like Black Sabbath and Neil Young, the band started off playing the most unique and eclectic mix of disparate rock styles. Hitting ranges hard and as like hardcore punk, garage rock, heavy and speed metal, gothic and folk rock the band sound was unusual and very progressive as per critics’ evaluation.
Mascis' songwriting and vocals teamed with brilliantly ultimately bringing forward the first home production ; the debut self titled album in 1985.The varying sounds experienced in featured singles of the album later joined together as the bands trademark. The noise and volume of these songs was comparable to none another in their league. It was not until the mainstream rock band Sonic Youth saw their work and became a fan themselves to consequently aid them engineer their sophomore release, You’re Living All Over Me. This release was followed by a band name change to Dinosaur Jr. Two singles following this change; Blast First and then Freak Scene proved pivotal in the band’s career. Blast First made the band a hit on the alternative music scene. Freak Scene was a phenomenal success that made the band the biggest indie hit of the time. It made Jr. an integral part of the underground music scene as well as a craze in the indie community.
The success of the band together was short-lived as the band disbanded after the release of Bugs the band’s third album. Sebadoh was Mascis new revolutionary, project who helped him experiment with his sound innovations. However, the music that the band left on the rack were spectacular parcels alternative rock that kept calling for the band’s reunion. It was not until the commercial breakthrough of the legendary grunge band Nirvana that the band realized its standing. This was the time when their profile came to the forefront and the band won great respect for their contribution to the respective genres. Dinosaur Jr. kept on making music without Barlow working with guest bassists. However the only effort that won worthwhile praise were a cover of Just Like Heaven from The Cure that earned them a deal with Sire records.
Green Mind was an accomplished piece of indie rock by Dinosaur Jr. that came out in 1991. This album bagged critical acclaim and won support from superstar band Nirvana. Whatever's Cool with Me (1992) and Where You Been (1993) came one after the allowing the band to experice first commercial breakthrough with hit number Start Choppin. With alternative music riding high Mascis became known as the godfather of alternative music. Struggling with the departure of Murphy the band released its new effort Without a Sound (1994) and Martin & Me following two years later.
Hand It Over (1997) was the first album of the band that was released until it disbanded to come back in 2005.The reissue of Where You Been and Green Mind brought the band together to mark the band’ reunion. The founding bandstand released Farm in 2009; an effort that revived the band’s missing wild feedback guitars. It brought the band back in action with live touring and the release of I Bet on Sky (2012).
Dinosaur Jr. currently tours with the original lineup and brings the awesomeness of their live indie music to the stage. Cheap Dinosaur Jr. are most definitely a treat for fans who have been waiting to see the band live in action. Don’t wait and book Dinosaur Jr. tickets as soon as possible.