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Dick Dale is a Lebanese surf rock guitarist belonging to Boston. Because of being the pioneer of surf rock style, and for his skills and contributions in this respective genre, he is commonly known as the “King of the Surf Guitar.” He drew on eastern scales and experimented with reverberation. After getting inspired by his oud and tarabaki playing uncle, he started getting interested in instruments at a very young age. Now the cheap Dick Dale tickets for his upcoming line of concerts have gone up for sale. Dick Dale learnt tarabaki playing from his uncle, the influence of which later started appearing heavily in his guitar playing, especially in his guitar picking style. His interest in music increased when he moved with his family to California’s Orange County. There, he learnt to surf as well. Soon he was playing drums, trumpet, ukulele and finally learnt playing guitar. Because of his heritage, Dale also has great interest in the music of Arab and this interest played a major role in his creation of surf rock genre. Owing to his diverse exposure in the field of music, his music is versatile and he is one of the best improvisers.

About Dick Dale

Dick Dale recalls that there used to be a Lebanese Festival in Boston named Maharjan where all his family would gather, play music and belly dance. Dale is considered among the pioneers of fast scale guitar playing. This he says is because he being a surfer was influenced by the sounds that filled his ears while surfing, hence he wanted to pour them in this music somehow. The reverbs, he adds in his music give his style a “wet” music touch. Being a left-hand guitarist naturally, he had trouble when he was forced to play with the right hand. However, later he switched to his ease. Dick Dale’s time during which he tried right hand guitar resulted in him playing the guitar upside down, a technique which he later tried on left hand guitar as well, improvising style yet again and creating something of his own. He is also famous for playing heavy bending, percussive style. His desire to create something new, led to endless experimentation with the instrument he chose to stick to, that is guitar, and ended in the creation of whole new kind of music.

Dick Dale’s first notable performance was in Balboa’s Rendezvous Ballroom. He asked permission to arrange a mega show that would include surfer dances. The ballroom had capacity of 3,000 seats. The atmosphere he created with that show is unforgettable and is always recalled as one of the best surf rock shows of all time. His track Let’s Go Trippin is considered as the very first rock surf song. It was included in his 1962 debut studio album “Surfers’ Choice.” Capitol Records picked the album and took up the national distribution which led to Dale’s appearance at The Ed Sullivan Show. On the show he played his signature song Misirlou. Dick Dale’s album “Spacial Disorientation” came out in 2001 after a long wait. The album included a number of cover tracks as well as electric and acoustic songs. It also has an instrumental version of the famous song “Smoke On The Water.” All of the songs represent Dale’s indomitable style. Some of his songs also appear in different versions, such as Haji has an acoustic as well as electric version. He was inducted into Surfing Walk of Fame in 2011. Now with all of his classic hit songs lined up, Dick Dale is going to hit the road and might arrive in your city as well. If you want to catch a live performance by the King of Surf Rock, keep an eye open for his upcoming concerts and make sure you get to book Dick Dale tickets in advance.