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Delta Rae is a folk rock band belonging to North Carolina. The band consists of three siblings Eric, Brittany and Ian Holljes along with Elizabeth Hopkins, Grant Emerson and Mike McKee. Initially it was a four piece band but later on in 2012 was joined by Emerson and McKee. The name of the band comes from the lore Holljes’ mother used to tell them about Delta Rae in their childhood. Delta Rae was apparently a southern girl who used to summon Greek gods. This mythical folk band is soon coming to your town, a concert you can attend with cheap Delta Rae tickets now.

About Delta Rae

Delta Rae’s journey began one day when they entered Seymour Stein’s office in summer of 2011. One of their musical guides referred them to an office where they would land a major record deal. After nervously telling Stein their motive, they were asked to sing a song. The band sang the joyous “Hey Hey Hey” tune. After a while they were stopped by Stein, initially they thought something must have gone wrong, however he went outside and called his colleagues, telling them to check out this new band’s sound. Stein fell in love with their music instantly.
The music journey of Delta Rae started decades ago. As children the Holljes siblings moved from place to place and have stayed in Durham, North Carolina, Sans Francisco and later Nashville. Their parents, being music enthusiasts themselves, had a large collection of records which included music by singers such as Cat Stevens, James Taylor, Paul Simon and Fleetwood Mac. Eric and Ian started developing a great love for music as they grew up and spent a big part of their growing up writing lyrics. At the same time, their little sister had that perfect brassy voice.
After performing for the first time in October of 2009 at the Duke University, the band started to take their performance to pubs and clubs. Delta Rae released their self titled EP in 2010 and were the opening acts for several artists like Hanson and Edwin McCain. In 2012, after meeting Stein, they signed to Sire Records through which they released their smashing debut studio album named “Carry the Fire” on 19th of June. The album brought them instant success, commercially and critically.
Carry the Fire by Delta Rae features a number of tracks that gained fame. In fact, their song Bottom of the River has become a trademark of North Carolina music. It is said that if there is only one North Carolina song that you have heard, it will probably be Bottom of the River. Apart from the unique standout vocals of Brittany, the song is also grimy and harmonized. This is also the only track of the album with high soul scale, rest of the tracks are low soul scaled. On the whole the album is considered as a soft pop release with many a twists and turns and different vocals.
With catchy choruses, the album is being defined as “full of ambition.” The stories and lore of the South are visible in the lyrics and the music. However, there is also a flame within their soft folk music, which represents the generation Delta Rae belongs to. It is said that in true spirit of their name, with powerful tunes and lyrics they try to summon the “gods” of music. Apart from the catchy soft tunes, the vocals are quite powerful as well, and despite being a new band, there is a lot of maturity in their music. Since the band is already on a national tour and is going to visit a number of well known venues, it is good to keep an eye open for Delta Rae tickets available for the concert in your area.